Any Sense Raising OC-1 Seat to Accomodate Long Legs?

Having a large and weirdly-proportioned body, I never expect anything to fit out-of-the-box unless built custom, and the used OC-1 sailing canoe I just took delivery on did not disappoint in that respect.

I moved the pedals forward about 1.5" and the seat back an inch - and that made things tolerable.

But now it has dawned on me that maybe elevating the seat might help too.

Putting a 1" pad under the seat seems to have raised my hips relative to the knees as expected and, as soon as the water around here is no longer hard, I expect to find out if it's good for anything.

The Questions:
[]Is raising the seat a recognized strategy for mitigating a too-short cockpit?
]Is there a commonly-accepted "Best" knee angle and/or knee height relative to hip height?.... I have seen 135 degrees cited, but then there are the Hawaiian-style canoes where all that seems to go out the window with the high seating and all that...

FWIW, here's the beast just bought:

Raptor 16 - Paddle Mode.jpg72.73 KB

Submitted by PeteCress on Mon, 01/15/2018 - 11:17am


I actually did this on a Storm OC1 at the end of the 2015 season (winter in CT).

It worked for me - 6'4" and 240lbs so was looking for anything to help me out (other than losing 20lbs that would be most logical!). I was definitely quicker over longer distances and also sprinting to get on waves here - seemed to allow more drive into the heel and i think that, for a taller guy, having the knee CLOSE to being below the ass, helped. I reckon that doing distance paddling, and your pics indicate you are, it's worth a shot - but do something temporary just to get a feel for it.

I've owned many OC1's (Scorpius, Storm, Antares here in US - and paddled most others) so have a rough idea of how it all works. At least for an English......

Happy to share other thoughts on it if you need.

Best wishes


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