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This Florida boy has been on the Kahe Kai for over a year now and still loving it!


-How many paddle strokes (racing but not sprinting) on each side is the norm?

-In general, if I moved the seat back and lowered it by 1” – what would be the anticipated outcome? (I'm 6'1") Better leverage with legs? Lower center of gravity but more easy to Huli?

-Has anyone tapped up the drain holes in the footwell to avoid the unnecessary weight of water (when paddling in flat water)?

-Training suggestions to get better at sprints?

FYI, I’ve been using a 4” rudder and after a period of getting used to it, I feel its faster when on flat water or in mild ocean conditions. Great for shallow areas as well.


Submitted by Jupiterpaddler on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 5:38am

Please let me also ask a question about hydration. I use a Camelback strapped to rear deck with a long tube that sits on my lap. Not the best setup, not the worst. Any great ideas out there?

Since this site is back up, I'm hoping that the OC1 community will share more ideas via this forum!

#1 Thu, 09/13/2018 - 1:33am

I'll play:

In an OC1, I tend to paddle 12-15 strokes per side. If there are bumps all bets are of. Could be 4 strokes could be 20. Tend to stay on the right much more if the bumps are from the left (for bracing).

If you lower the seat you will be less likely to huli. A lower center of gravity is more stable. That is why you sit so much lower in a surfs. Moving it back depends entirely on your leg position. Comfort is key.

I do not cover my drain holes. If you are going fast the boat should drain. If it is flat, not sure why you would have much water in your boat.


Hydration: there are tube covers that allow you to mold the direction of the tube. For long races I usually use a lanyard and attach the tube to the lanyard so it is close to my mouth.

Hope this helps and happy paddling!

#2 Thu, 09/13/2018 - 5:07am

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