Hurricane OC1 loose alma

Just bought a used Hurricane in great condition but the front iako will only lock in the heaviest position (6th). It's loose and pulls out when rigged lighter. Do the grooves in the alma locking the iako in place rub down over time? Anybody with the same experience? Solutions? Duct / electrical tape? New alma? Thanks!

Submitted by kkwongusc on Sat, 01/11/2020 - 5:08pm

They do loosen with wear and tear and that's quite common on the older/used Hurricane - at least it is the front one, which locks at 6 so you can still use it :)

I've repaired a few ama that belong to our club Hurricane OC1's. Did this by a few coats of epoxy on the ridges that had degraded over time and this does work and they do lock in place.

Having said this i'd suggest getting in touch with Outriggerzone as there is probably a better/proper way of doing this - they are very helpful.

With the Hurricane i would also suggest ordering a couple of extra collars just so that, if those go you aren't stuck. I've developed a habit of having back-up for collars, cables, rudders just to avoid having to wait for them to be delivered.

Good luck


#1 Mon, 01/13/2020 - 3:24pm

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