first paddling video game ever!

Okay, this is not quite 'Karel Jr Pro Paddler' by EA Games, but it's a fun little thing I did this summer. This is some what of a pre-release. Have fun wasting time with it, and post your highest scores! Oh and if it runs slow, well then I guess your computer is a bit slow... Instructions
  • The object of the game is to get as far as you can with 40 strokes.
  • To paddle just click the mouse on the game screen. Each click is one stroke. When the word 'stroking' appears your paddle is in the water, so I don't recommend taking another stroke before that one is finished.
  • If your VO2 (oxygen level) gets over 100% you can't paddle any more, so paddle long and hard and surf all you can.
  • Remember, it doesn't matter how long you take.
  • Conserve your strokes! you will go farther.
  • Click reset to play again.
ocpaddler game v0.7 beta, you need flash to play the game. Get it at
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Submitted by keizo on Fri, 08/08/2003 - 9:29am


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#142 Sat, 10/14/2006 - 9:31pm

whoa braddah man this game is mean... would be real koo if can get this game published by EAsports like real canoe races all over the word and have it out on xbox and playstation 2 and 3... sound good ah?? you should look into that guarens tha whole island and clubs all over the world goin have em...

#143 Wed, 10/25/2006 - 7:15am

If EA Sports would like to hire me to help make this game, I'll start tomorrow. Where do I show up for work?

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My 1st run of 2007 and I did a personal best of 1800. Now if only I could emulate that on the water.

#145 Sun, 01/07/2007 - 2:28pm

is it my computer? can't find the game any more? how am I going to kill time now?

#146 Wed, 01/10/2007 - 7:00am

I know I am late to the game, but after playing a few hours and finally breaking the 2000 mark, I thought I would pass on what little info I gleemed.

Each reset causes a new set of random waves, but that initial random set seems to be used for all sections once the game starts. So, if you don't like how the set is structured, especially between sections where the phase doesn't line up, you are better just resetting and hoping for a better grouping.

That said: Once you find a set you like and find that sweet spot that continually pushes you onto the next section without having to take a stroke, you can easilly get 1500 each game.

I have found that you want to be right on the hair's edge of missing the bump before hitting the stroke. Too early, and you run down the face only to start gliding up the back of the wave in front of you. This, right when you need max speed to catch the next section. You end up nose high, decelerating at the bottom of the trough which gets you stuck right between two sets.

If the stroke is hit just at the last second, you will linger momentarily at the top of the bump and then start accelerating down the face just as the next section approaches. Done right and you will hit the next section at high speed, ass high.

Not sure anyone is still playing, but it's new to me. So, whatever.


#147 Fri, 01/19/2007 - 3:49pm

Best 4 me.....602.3

#148 Mon, 04/23/2007 - 12:25pm

second game 732
maby bigger waves and sharkes or bird poof for slow guys

#149 Sat, 11/17/2007 - 4:49am

If you really want to have fun and get a real paddling workout where you can measure actual stroke power, force right and left, time distance, then check out the paddling Erg from Vasa. I love mine. It feels like the real deal and I am saving so much time and have reduced my stress trying to get to the water during the busy weeks by training at home with it. It works well for swimming and for XC skipoling, bothof which I do in seasons.

I wonder if they would create a video game like yours that hooks up to the paddling machine? Could be more fun.

#150 Sat, 11/17/2007 - 3:07pm

I just got 3000

just kidin 730 my new best

#151 Wed, 11/21/2007 - 7:02pm

my pesonal best 1051

#152 Thu, 11/29/2007 - 1:29pm

My son who is 10 just got 1400 plus. I average 12-1300

#153 Mon, 12/24/2007 - 2:38pm

Wow, I've only been a member for a few weeks now and I am already a better paddler....just cleared 700 ft \ m \ mi \ km \ cm \ in \ yrds....maybe if I posted 2x as often I could make it to 1400 in 40 strokes by the end of the month! If I get canned at work because I am paddling too much, I hold Keizo responsible.

#154 Tue, 02/05/2008 - 10:30am

if you let your canoe sit for more than like 2 or 3 minutes it drifts to the back of the screen and then falls off the face of the earth. wow!

#155 Sat, 04/19/2008 - 4:42pm

thats a sick game 919

#156 Sun, 09/28/2008 - 5:52am

Keizo, can you make this into an ipod compatible game?

#157 Sun, 09/28/2008 - 6:06am

hey keizo, im so glad you mentioned KAREL JR PRO PADDLER. i was bored and didnt want to do hw, and this is the result. hope i dont get sued.


#158 Tue, 09/30/2008 - 6:13pm

Since everyone is changing boats, when will the game get its new boat?

#159 Tue, 05/05/2009 - 12:45pm

in propaddler 09

#160 Tue, 05/05/2009 - 7:41pm


#161 Fri, 05/11/2012 - 2:34pm joke

#162 Tue, 08/04/2009 - 4:46pm

just out of curiosity I wanted to see the shortest distance I could achieve and the fastest speed......I was able to get a 9.75 distance and a 22+ speed

#163 Fri, 08/07/2009 - 5:57am

Fun Game
Zoom you screen to 200% to make the game large on your screen.

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#165 Tue, 02/02/2010 - 1:22am

weres the new one?

#166 Wed, 02/03/2010 - 7:16pm

I got 1850.85

#167 Fri, 03/05/2010 - 12:21pm

709 not to bad for my third time

#168 Mon, 04/12/2010 - 6:32pm


#169 Mon, 04/12/2010 - 6:45pm

942.710 super addicting

#170 Mon, 04/12/2010 - 6:48pm

Just like real life....

432 is my best so far

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#172 Fri, 07/09/2010 - 9:06am

2009 hold down after u click reset so you dont waste a stroke, very good time killer game..

#173 Fri, 07/09/2010 - 9:35am

I think I'm doing this wrong...
I'm sitting in a chair in front of the computer with the mouse on the floor, left clicking with the tip of my paddle. I have my wife calling changes from the this correct?

#174 Sat, 07/10/2010 - 5:10pm

Still good fun!!!

#175 Thu, 10/13/2011 - 5:18pm

I love this game.

We actually took the idea and used it in practice one day. Slight bumbs and wind, nothing much and each tried 40 strokes to get as far as we could. It was a ton of fun, and am sure we were all cheating.

#176 Fri, 10/03/2014 - 1:19pm

Simple and fun like playing space invaders or Pacman

#177 Thu, 10/09/2014 - 1:23pm

980 I'm outta shape.

#178 Fri, 09/13/2019 - 10:54am

1068 on my first time out in more than a decade. I had a few epic screamers that made it all worthwhile.

#179 Sun, 09/15/2019 - 9:55pm

Hell yes...let's bring this back. 1326 after three tries.

#180 Mon, 09/16/2019 - 12:05pm

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