I'm looking to buy a used polaris, but I was wondering how many different stlyes are out there. I've seen some with werid iako's and some I've seen some with a little bend in them. Just want to know so when I do find one, I can tell how old it is. Thanks

Submitted by mapuariki on Mon, 04/04/2005 - 4:48pm

What you're looking at is just the Iakos and amas. With Polaris canoes, they got all kinds of set-ups. I first had the Bixler (new pegasus ama)set-up where the iakos were bent and the ama basically pointed to the sky. I now have a set, same ama, but with iakos less bent not looking so drastic causing less drag. I heard that most of the good guys prefer the waveblade ama which is more of the traditional style. They say it's a bit stable and has less drag in the water and wind resistance. Yet, I believe Kai will be comming out with another set-up soon. So basically you can't tell the years by the set-up, for guys are mixing it up to thier own preference. The only way is to ask the owner. Good luck finding the right one for you.
By the way, the Polaris is a great rig.
"It surfs like a MO FO"!


#1 Tue, 04/05/2005 - 10:10am

Thanks for the clarififcation. I thought it was some sort of circus act with those iako's. The hard part is finding one, but the season is coming to an end soon so there should be some coming up. It looks like the pegasus is headed for a rear ama, since only the back part of the ama is in the water. Just curious at what I should look at spending? Thanks again

#2 Wed, 04/06/2005 - 9:16am

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