Shaft length for tall paddlers

Question 1
We have two paddlers that are about 6’6”-6’7”. They measure about 58” for a paddle but the stores and manufactures only have them up to 54”. I understand that the lengths can be custom made but would the longer than normal length affect the stroke of the entire boat? Would the two tall paddlers be able to keep up with the stroke of the entire boat?

Question 2
Should they just use a 54” paddle? And would this ensure that they are able to keep the same stroke as the rest of the boat?

Anyone else ever encounter this problem?
Lengths of paddles in boat 51”, 52”, 54” on any given day

Submitted by swel50 on Tue, 05/17/2005 - 12:52pm

I'm 6'6" and I use a 54". I was thinking about going longer but then our coach (and Brad at paddleme) pointed out that come 9-man season I will have to use a paddle that's probably more like 52". And as you stated it would also effect the stroke of the boat, or rather my ability to match it.

#1 Thu, 05/19/2005 - 7:43am

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