Shaft length question

I need help with choosing my shaft length. I am still debating on a ZRE and a Mud-lite.

I started with ZRE's formula from my seat to tip of nose=28 inches (in a paddling position.) I borrowed my friends 49" wood paddle and the shaft length is 30". But when I paddle with it, the joint between the shaft and blade is just out of the water (at mid thigh during my stroke).

Should I stick with 30" and just choke up or go to a 31" ? And a Mud-lite would only be 31"+16.5"(blade)=47.5 vs a 31"+19.5=50.5" on a ZRE. Should the wood length and carbon fibre length be equal?

Last question, blade width. 9" or go with stock width? Thanks for any help.

Submitted by Dog_paddle on Sun, 07/24/2005 - 4:43pm

How tall are you and what boat do you paddle (OC-1/OC-2 or OC-6)?

I never just measure the shaft of the paddle as all paddles are designed diffirently. Try using Kialoa's paddle lenght chart at

I'm just over 6' and I use a 50" in Kialoa and Mudlite in OC-1 and OC-6. Although your big boat blade should be longer then your small boat one, I just prefer a shorter blade.

As for blade width, it all varies once again pending your boat type and preferance. Try out them out for comfort first!

#1 Sun, 07/24/2005 - 5:26pm

I'm 5'8" and paddle an OC-1. When I asked ZRE about length they said seat to nose + 1" + blade length which is about 48.5" OR medium. The 49" Makana Alii paddle I tried felt good. I just want to get a good paddle and not second guess myself. I'm not going to race...not now at least.

#2 Sun, 07/24/2005 - 6:08pm

I'd go with a woody or a hybrid, but I'm biased against carbon blades.
Mudbrook Mudlites are very good paddles (I have Mudlite OC-1 and paddled a few times with XP), good catch and flex.

For your height I'd go with a 49" as you can always cut it down a little.

#3 Sun, 07/24/2005 - 9:24pm

Thanks for the reply and the link! Because a Mudlite or XP have shorter blades (compared to ZRE), I'm assuming the blade will be buried 3-4" past the blade/shaft joint.

#4 Sun, 07/24/2005 - 10:13pm

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