Apr 19 - Starbucks JJ Big Island Challenge - Hawaii

31 mile oc1 oc2 relay.. from Puako Boat Ramp to Honokohau Harbor
***Ikaika Hauanio/Bruce Ayau win overall, breaking previous record.
[Photos] by V. Isbell
[Read more for full Results]

From Jane Bockus:

Hi all,

Today's 7th Annual Starbucks J.J. Big Island Challenge Relay consisted of 31
miles of paddling from the Puako Boat Ramp to Honokohau Harbor.

There was a record number of entries with 69 participants. Howling winds and
exciting surf made for an challenging first 3/4 of the race to prepare the
paddlers for the Starbucks Molokai relay crossing coming up on May 4th.

Happy Easter and Aloha!


Just to let you know that the first canoe to cross the line today was an
OC-1 paddled by Bruce Ayau and Ikaika Hauanio. Their time of 3:37:36 beats
the record set in 2001 of 3:41:06 by the OC-2 team of Ken Powell, Lambert
Lee Loy, Bruce Ayau and Abbott Galaher.


PLACECREW NAMES                                                  TIME        DIVISION PLACE
  1  Ikaika Hauanio/Bruce Ayau                                   3:37:36   1st 30-39 Men OC-1
  2  Scott Jones/Cherisse Kelii/Afa & Bev Tuaolo                 3:40:28     1st Mixed OC-2
  3  Gene McNerney/Isaiah Bobnar/Kurtis Yamauchi/James Bishop    3:41:04      1st Men OC-2
  4  Joey Napoleon/Pepper Chong                                  3:44:10   2nd 30-39 Men OC-1
  5  Nue Youderian/Britt Craven                                  3:45:07   3rd 30-39 Men OC-1
  6  Nick Agorastos/Eddie Hayward                                3:48:10   4th 30-39 Men OC-1
  7  Pat Erwin/Beanie Heen                                       3:50:47   1st 40-49 Men OC-1
  8  Chad Dunhour/Keola Lindsey                                  3:50:55   1st Open Men OC-1
  9  George Abood/Lambert Lee Loy                                3:53:47   1st 50-59 Men Surfski
 10  Nate Hendricks                                              3:54:40   1st 30-39 Men Solo OC-1
 11  Bob Bruce/Debbie Cheever-Follett/Mel Pauole/Patty Eames     3:57:59.8   2nd Mixed OC-2
 12  Kevin Lindsey/Nelson Estioko/Paulo Simpson/Yasu Tanaka      3:58:00      2nd Men OC-2
 13  Kim & Cap Welty-Allen/Dane & Nicki Lacey-Enos               4:02:12     3rd Mixed OC-2
 14  Keoni Lindsey/Ken Shamel                                    4:02:26   5th 30-39 Men OC-1
 15  Jacques Blais/Greg Knapp                                    4:04:37   1st 50-59 Men OC-1
 16  Willy Dunhour/Sean Murphy                                   4:06:29   2nd 50-59 Men OC-1
 17  Kafoa Hala Latu                                             4:07:50   2nd 30-39 Men Solo OC-1
 18  Cheryl Villegas/March "Tiger" Taylor                        4:08:37   1st Mixed 30-39  OC-1
 19  Marjorieann & Gerard Santos/Dondi Dawson/Dave Olds          4:08:44     4th Mixed OC-2
 20  Al Conrad/Jan War/Paul Aguirre/Bruce Clifford               4:08:54   3rd Men OC-2 (50+)
 21  Chad Toyomura/Eddie Nabarro                                 4:19:26   6th 30-39 Men OC-1
 22  Ronona Della Cioppa/Freddie Berengue                        4:32:03   1st 40-49 Mixed OC-1
 23  Sue Shaw/Rebekah Lussiaa                                    4:53:37   1st 30-39 Women OC-1
 24  Kathleen Leahy/Scott Ferry                                  4:59:24   2nd 40-49 Mixed OC-1
 DNF Denise Murphy/Madeline Budde/Cindy Chong/Christine Williams
 DNF Rafael Ramirez/Dave Kermott/James Bishop Sr./Mike Kitagawachi

Posted by keizo on Sun, 04/20/2003 - 1:20pm

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