Apr 26 - Bartlett & Napoleon win big in Steinlager KAUAI World Challenge

An awsome race. It's a whole new level for OC1 races.
***Kai Bartlett & Aaron Napoleon 1st, win $2500
******Karel Tresnak Jr. & Maui Kjeldson 2nd, $1500
***Lauren Spaulding & Noe Sawyer 1st womens, cash $2500
[read more for FULL Results & article by me]
[Photos] (they are blue cause we had the wrong white balence)
[NEW Photos] by Thor Serphin (635-3213)
[Pacific Paddler Photos] by Ropati
[Honolulu Advertiser Article]

[Results][NEW Photos] by Thor Serphin (635-3213)

What can I say? This was the most phenomenal race I've ever been to. "When have we have had this kind of race in the OC1 community? (Holding up a $2500 dollar check)" says Kai Bartlett, who took 1st with Aaron Napoleon.

The race took off from Wailua beach with the helicopter filming overhead. Right away it was Bartlet & Karel Jr. blasting ahead to Hanamaulu. They battled for the first half, each edging up on each other, until Bartlett was able to pull ahead. Conditions were 10 to 25 trades, so the first two 4.5mile legs had some wind & waves on the ama side.

Paddlers were greeted with Tahitian dancers, water, oranges and a huge crowd at the first Hanamaulu change. The second run was led by Napoleon followed by Maui Kjeldsen & David Beck. In the womens, Noe Sawyer(teamed w/Lauren Spaulding) came in ahead her competitors. One top women's team lost their boat in some breakers off Ahukini, one of two broken boats in the race.

Teams became spread further apart as they made their changes and headed out for the third leg from Kalapaki to Poipu Beach.

The 12-mile run was choppy Kona like conditions heading out around the first point. After that it was a classic Kalapaki-Poipu run, making for some challenging but fun surfing. Kai Bartlett held his lead through the run, while Mike Judd reeled in Karel Jr. Lauren Spaulding gained a considerable lead, passing many other teams.

The final leg was blasting straight down. Aaron Napoleon surfed all the way to the finish, leading by a couple of minutes. Maui Kjeldson moved up the line to place 2nd & David Beck pulled in 3rd. Noe Sawyer finished up with a very comfortable lead over the next women's team.

The after party was great. Music from Papaa Bay Boys, Revival, and Tommy & Malia. Cash prizes were the big thing for this race and I must say, there were some nice looking checks. In mens open cash ran 5 places deep: $2500, 1500, 1100, 800, & 600. In the womens div. it was $2500, 1500, 1100, 600, 200. 40-49 & 50-plus top 3 cashed 1000,600, & 200. Mixed also received the same(I think).

The 15-19 div. received quicksilver merchandise. In 1st for the division it was Nahina Lee Loy & Peter Van Ribbink of Oahu, edging out the Kauai Boys, Luke Evslin & Kelly Foster in the last run. In third was Thomas Oliver & Keizo Gates. (sorry, I had to plug my division. :p)

Overall this race was a complete success with over 60 teams from California, Roratonga, Austrailia, Guam and Hawaii. I had a blast and I hope it only gets bigger and better next year!

NEW Photos] by Thor Serphin (635-3213)


Steinlager presents
              2003 Steinlager Kauai World Challenge
Official Divisions Results by: JTL Timing Systems - (808) 325-0287

       Place  Name                                      Time

 Open Male
           1  Bartlett/Napoleon                        3:41:31
           2  Tresnak/Kjeldsen                         3:44:13
           3  Judd/Beck                                3:47:04
           4  Pratt/Lusia'a                            3:56:32
           5  Hauanio/Youderian                        4:05:02
           6  Aipa/Worthington                         4:07:21
           7  Long/Granger                             4:10:20
           8  Deblin/Princena                          4:12:34
           9  Ho/Vaughn                                4:15:36
          10  Terrell/Shahenian                        4:17:08
          11  Taylor/Lindsay                           4:24:40
          12  Hermosura/Mersberg                       4:28:34
          13  Katoa/Nooroa                             4:32:49
          14  Kuhaulua/Botello                         5:06:03
          15  Saronitman/Kegel                         5:16:51

 15 - 19 Male
           1  Lee Loy/Van Lier Ribbink                 4:17:37
           2  Evslin/Foster                            4:18:58
           3  Gates/Oliver                             4:23:05

 40 - 49 Male
           1  Alama/Levora                             4:01:24
           2  Cole/Cluney                              4:03:47
           3  Puu/Schlotman                            4:13:14
           4  Humberstone/Smith                        4:13:39
           5  Erwin/Kalama                             4:21:34
           6  Lee Loy/Adams                            4:51:13
           7  Tokioka/Aea                              4:55:07
           8  Sapanski/Celestino                       5:11:38

 50 & Over Male
           1  Murphy/Heen                              4:20:58
           2  Goodale/Bailey                           4:23:31
           3  Metzger/Baker                            4:24:31
           4  Wilcox/Napoleon                          4:31:59
           5  Knapp/Blais                              4:35:19
           6  Callahan/Lopez                           4:36:40
           7  Samura/Aki                               4:39:43
           8  Yee/TenBruggencate                       4:48:21
           9  Young/Dunhour                            4:50:43
          10  Chow/Bartlett                            4:58:39

 Open Female
           1  Spalding/Sawyer                          4:23:26
           2  Felgate/Ward                             4:43:49
           3  Denton/Simmons                           4:58:12
           4  Stuart/Otsuji                            5:20:44
           5  Horwood/Bandsma                          5:22:29
           6  Deblin/Desoutler                         5:33:17
           7  Bartlett/Chow                            5:43:01

 OC2 Men Team
           1  Udovch/Lett/MacCready/Grubbe             4:01:46
           2  Denton/Kruse/Acoba/Potts                 4:08:03
           3  Baird/Perry/Atkins/Ishiki                4:23:13
           4  Manuel/Rodriquez/Pavo/Ascuncion          5:20:36
           5  Trask/Evslin/McCullen/Millington         5:21:12

 OC1 Mixed
           1  Keahiolalo/Curtis                        4:23:57
           2  Penny/Conners                            4:26:25
           3  Napoleon/Millard                         4:34:16
           4  Leroy & Robin Jumper                     4:35:12
           5  Hudson/Brewer                            4:44:10
           6  Della Cioppa/Berengue                    4:46:31
           7  Carter/Sharpe                            4:52:48
           8  Seager/Whitehead                         4:58:01

 OC2 Mixed
           1  Goodno/Fujita/Hookano/Tabalno            4:22:57
           2  Darval-Chang/Chang/Lau/Meyer             4:23:11
           3  Chow/Austin/Prestage/Anderson            4:44:16
           4  Alonzo/Sumida/Higa/Kekuawela             4:50:03

Four Person One Leg
           1  Garcia/Venuta/McGregor/Lake              5:32:24

Posted by keizo on Sat, 04/26/2003 - 8:19pm


Sorry about the blue photos everybody....a setting on the digital camera had been changed and forgotten about. LUCKILY, the race was photographed by many photographers on 3 different boats and I'm sure we will be seeing some great shots real soon. Keizo is on it......

That aside, Keizo's arictle certainly captured the excitement and feeling about the race. It was awesome, and a big MAHALO to everyone involved in making it happen, and moving OC1 competition to the next level.


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