Roto-molded V1/OC1

I have been recieving many inquiries from my neighbouring sufers and sailors if there are any roto-molded Va'a/Canoe available in the world.
They just want to try paddling, but not so much into to get expensive racing OC1.

Is there any available now?

Submitted by TAIKI on Sat, 05/13/2006 - 4:59am


there is a rotomolded OC-1 called the Nalu.. Riot Kayaks is the manufacturer.. As I recall t's a bit of a sturdy brute @30kg and I've only ever seen one in BC at the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club

for a club canoe or a member with not much money or a casual user, it would be great. I've often wondered why the beachboy rental hutson Waikiki don't carry these in their rental fleets for tourists and non paddlers.. oh .. right.. I remember how badly I abused that rental longboard..bad idea....

hope this helps.


#1 Sat, 05/13/2006 - 7:34am


Do you recall the one you saw in BC if the ama was on the left? I looked up the web site you posted and noticed the ama was rigged on the right. Do you know if they are made to be reversible?


#2 Sat, 05/13/2006 - 3:21pm

it doesn't look like there's a rudder or steering pedals. That might be challenging. Looks cool though. I bet with steering pedals, it would be great for the fishermens here in Hawaii. I wonder how much they cost.

#3 Sat, 05/13/2006 - 10:40pm

Arigato for helpful info.
I knew NALU but the former manufacturer WALDEN has been gone.

I think they could design much better looking AMA and IAKO, though.

#4 Sun, 05/14/2006 - 9:54pm

We are now working on short and heavy-duty OC1 for recreational use.
Proto will be made of fiberglass layups, but once we satisfy with its performance, we'll go for roto-molding.

In Japan, where's known as a high-tech country, metal mold for roto-molding is not that expensive like before.

#5 Sat, 10/21/2006 - 12:14am

Yeah, baby.

#6 Sat, 10/21/2006 - 5:02pm

dude...that is so bad ass

I'd buy it, then rig it with a SAIL and haul ass. it could be done if the boat is cheap enough. Wonder if it will have a rudder system. You could bang the hell out of it since it's plastic...sweet


#7 Sat, 10/21/2006 - 11:21pm

hey jc9_0, didn't i see you last year racing the nalu roto-mold, man you were reallyflying down wind. was that without a rudder? that japanese model might even be faster.

#8 Tue, 10/24/2006 - 8:46pm

only cause i was smoking everyone..

but honestly, if the damn thing is cheap enough, i would buy it and rig it with a safety ama and sail it. it would be so freakin fast! can you imagine?!? a boat that small and light with some kind of widsurf would be scary fast.

#9 Tue, 10/24/2006 - 10:25pm

JC, it is a good idea to put windsurf rig on our canoe.
But maybe we have to reinforce the mast step, otherwise the power of the wind and sail might rip the canoe off.

Meanwhile, we are thinking for putting Pacific Action's kayak sail on it.

#10 Sun, 10/29/2006 - 1:42am

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