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An open letter to all canoe builders.
Guys here is an idea: how about all of you fixing up or even regularly updating your websites... cos they all pretty much suck. I don't think I have seen too many that are easy to navigate, regularly update their prices, have enough detailed pictures so we can adequately see the canoe without having to physically be there, or even having an online booking/order system or at least indicate an updated waiting queue list or something...

These are not new ideas, but standard in most other businesses. I just think that the canoe building industry (which is what it is) needs to smarten itself up a bit. I don't think there is any question that it can be a lucrative business, especially now since the canoes are being built in China, so why not take a bit more time to improve your (internet) image. Some of the website haven't been updated for three to four years - so why even have one??

So c'mon guys, let move into the 21st century and provide a bit more of a professional service to the paddlers, who like to be informed about what they are buying, and have a good degree of comfort as to the quality of workmanship etc.


Submitted by Coc0nut on Wed, 05/24/2006 - 8:41am

I agree, some canoe builders websites are frozen in time!

I don't know the exact reason for it but maybe because business is good since, there are such a long waiting lists for boats.
Nevertheless, running a website is far cheaper than putting an ad in the magazine. Having a good website gives people outside of Hawaii to get an insight to what each builder represents and gives an opportunity for mainlanders to own an exotic.

However, HUKI (www.huki.com) from California maintains the best outrigger builders websites. Always up to date and informative, so good job Jude and thank you for your work.

#1 Wed, 05/24/2006 - 9:17am

The Austrailian Outrigger Connection website is a good one, informative and detailed. www.outriggerconnection.com.au

#2 Wed, 05/24/2006 - 1:35pm

I paddle Hukis, that's obvious if you have read any of my postings.

Jude is one of a very elite and shrinking group.
He builds beautiful, great paddling, custom canoes, in a dizzying array of layups and options, delivers them in a timely manner, with personalized/outstanding customer service and his website is all that!
You can "build" your custom Surfski/OC-1/OC-2 to suit your taste and get a quote for it, online. He has a grunch of testimonials for his quiver of available models. You might even score a deal on his Bargains page.
He has compiled some great paddling tips and provided those on his site as well.
If you happen to make your way to Sacramento and stop in at Huki, he'll even take you out for a paddle! You can try before you buy.

Hopefully Jude will be making kanus for some time to come.


#3 Thu, 05/25/2006 - 12:07am

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