Looking for a Canoe to fit a big boy

I was wondering if there are any large paddlers out there? and if so what OC-1 are your using? I thinking of getting into paddling and am looking for a canoe that would work for a 6', 275lb male. I see a lot of references for around 200 but I am well over that. Any help and opinions for finding the right canoe will be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by Nubi on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 10:16am

I'm guessing that your best bet would be to try and special order one of the larger canoes and ask that the seating area be shored up a bit for added strength. Depending on where you live and what kind of water you will be paddling in may dictate the canoes that might suit you. For bigger canoes, the Fusion, Stingray, and Polaris come to immediate mind. If you're on the mainland, the Elua may work. These canoes have a good bit of volume in them, as well.

#1 Mon, 09/18/2006 - 6:34pm

I was not to sure if there were any big OC-1 Paddlers out there. I am currently in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, so I will be paddling hawaiian waters. I will look into a the above mentioned canoes. I have seen some canoes in classifieds like Naia, Ono, and waveblade all used though.
Again, thanks Hawk. Nice to have gotten a response in the same day.

#2 Mon, 09/18/2006 - 7:28pm

Second thanks for opinion. What is used to reinforce the area? I have seen the inside of a fiberglass recreational rowing shell (Alden Star) and it looks like ridges of foam on bottom of hull and glassed into place to increase the cross section under the seat/track area. Would be usingany canoe I'd be buying on flat water, as well. At least that the plan for now, anyway--no swells around these parts but lots of lakes/rivers. Mahalo.

#3 Thu, 09/21/2006 - 6:24pm

i know someone who was well over 200 lbs (closer to 3) that used an ono for years. and he could MOVE that boat. if you have the chance, get one of those.

#4 Thu, 09/21/2006 - 11:48pm

Drop in to island paddler, ask them about big guys Kanu. Also just go down to popular spots and talk with people that are on there OC1's.

I am 215 and have a Stingray, its fine, Also ( depending on your condition ) you will find if you get right into it you will shed weight too, so take that into consideration.

Our season is getting under way and I will drop 25lbs by half way through. Too much good food and beer in the off season, I also got lazy.

Good luck, take it up it will change your life.



#5 Fri, 09/22/2006 - 11:34am

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