New Pegasus vs Huki V1X .... don't hate me

Ok.......your going to hate me for this but just curious as to the opinions on those that have raced both oc1's in flat and small chop up to 3 feet .

One thing I noticed about the new pegasus is it seems fairly heavy ...........anyone weighed the new pegasus ? I'm guessing 26 lbs at least

Submitted by OCsprinter on Mon, 03/05/2007 - 8:29am

would that be new pegasus as in the ones made in china?

#1 Mon, 03/05/2007 - 1:07pm

i could never hate you...but your post does leave something to be desired.

#2 Mon, 03/05/2007 - 1:10pm

yes I was refering to the chinese made boats ...........

#3 Mon, 03/05/2007 - 1:25pm


My Pegasus came from the same container that Ryan received in January.

The first thing I did when I received my boat was check for hull imperfections, stiffness and weight (but I overlooked the rigging and received a wrong ama, nevertheless all sorted out within a week). My hull came in just over 19lbs, the iakos and the ama probably 5/6 lbs or less.

Never paddled Huki V1x but did "test drive" V1z. V1z is longer in the bow and you sit higher than the Pegasus. Overall the boat felt a little sloppy and noisy, perhaps because it had the older style ama which wasn't rigged very well. I've tried to adjust the rigging but those screws were a pain in the a$$, so I gave up.

Huki does have a new ama which is similar to but a little shorter than the one on the Pegasus, perhaps that would make the boat feel a lot better.

Remember, it's not the boat but a paddler.


#4 Mon, 03/05/2007 - 8:30pm

Yes your right but I guess its a bit of a learning curve. I'm used to a hurricane and the pegasus is definately different and is going to take some getting used to .Like yours as you may know mine was in the same shipment .

I have found it frustrating that a team member who has a X can now keep up with me where I would pretty much walk away from him right from the start w/ the hurricane . As you know the Pegasus is relatively new up here and only a few of us have them and we are all going throught the same thing and even 1 person already sold it as they were not happy with the performance in flat water ...again maybe it could have just been seat time ..time will tell

The hurricane definately is fast in our water and I was fairly comfortable on it but for me I did not like it as much is the slightly bigger stuff .....hence the move to the Pegasus . I'm wondering if a switch to a smaller rudder would make any type of improvement in flat water over the one it came with .Anyone able to answer this ?

As for the rigging ....its tight thats for sure . I think I finally figured out the way it goes together best but still takes a little bit of finess to get it together .........

#5 Mon, 03/05/2007 - 8:49pm

Try making changes in your stroke. I found that the Pegasus prefered a short up front stroke, where the Huricane was more forgiving. Bringing your stroke too far back will pull the boat down, increase drag and make the boat feel heavy.

#6 Mon, 03/05/2007 - 9:09pm

Aren't all Kai's designs pretty much for downwind conditions? I think most guys up here would be better off with a Hurricane, but like nem0 says, you can figure out how to make anything work.

#7 Thu, 03/08/2007 - 6:40am

You guys in the PNW? I think so anyway, ........ Yes, a smaller weedless rudder would make your boat faster in the flats. The rudders on the Hawaiian designs are all made for Hawaiian conditions, not our flat harbor stuff.

I am going to throw this out there. Everyone hates to admit it, but we race in flat non-Hawaiian conditions here in the PNW. At best, only a third of a typical race triangle will have any bumps at all......... The rest is flat, small chop, upwind or crosswind.

For these conditions, long and narrow, with little rocker, designs are going to perform the best.

Like everyone else I used to desire the latest "sexy" hawaiian boat available up here, only to find when I tried it my time trial got worse!

Anyways, my next boat is going to be a boat that was actually designed for these conditions which is the C-lion.......(originally designed as the Sealion by Dee Van Winkle in So. Cal.) They have a "Sit on top" version now instead of a cockpit.

I challenge anyone to show me a faster design for flat conditions.

#8 Thu, 03/08/2007 - 9:29am

Hurricane is excellent for flats and you can make it work in surf.

#9 Thu, 03/08/2007 - 10:56am

Like I said I had a hurricane and thought it was excellent and fast and I have trained on the C-lion and can honestly say I would take the hurricane over the C-lion w/o a second thought .The hurricane is nicely finished ,its light ,fast ,goes together easy and tight w/ lots of adjustment .It comes with covers and has great performance for the price .Its a very good choice for the PNW

As for the pegasus it will just take time and adapting my style to it ......It is fun to play with in the larger stuff on windy days though .

#10 Thu, 03/08/2007 - 12:53pm

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