Kai Wa'a Scorpius ???

anyone have any info on this model ??

Submitted by OCsprinter on Mon, 04/23/2007 - 2:17pm

it is ungodly fast and the squorpinaute after the Greek/Russian God of spacetravel, is called.

es ist ungodly schnell und wird nach dem griechischen/russischen Gott von spacetravel, das squorpinaute genannt.

it is ungodly fast and is named after the greek/russian god of spacetravel, the squorpinaute.

#1 Mon, 04/23/2007 - 9:27pm

Anyone have photos of the boat?????

#2 Tue, 04/24/2007 - 7:59am

You recognize Kai from the back.

#3 Tue, 04/24/2007 - 8:04am

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