OC-1 made specifically for traditional (no rudder) use?

What recent models of OC-1 are there made specifically for traditional (no rudder) use?

The only recent ones that I have seen around here are a model made by Tiger Canoe (though the description of it seems to be hidden on their web site). Plenty of older Montgomerys around, though, plus people use ruddered OC-1 in traditional races by removing the rudder.

Submitted by tjl on Mon, 04/30/2007 - 6:54pm

The Surfrigger (by Kris Kjeldsen of NZ) is the V1 used at World Sprints in 2006 and 1998. It is often fitted with a rudder and is a very fast OC1 in flatwater and harbour/lagoon waters.

The ama width and rigging height are adjustable for paddler weight and conditions and there is an option of an adjustable seat on rails to allow for-aft positioning.

Check out Moana Nui for details. The Surfrigger is built under license in in the US by Savage River Boat works.

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The other oc-1 used at an IVF event was the Moana Nui Sea Horse. I bellieve it was used in Australia . This is a sit on top version of the Surfrigger, i think it is the same Hull with a different deck . It is a pretty high volume boat. Last time I heard Huki had the production of it- don't know if that is still accurate.
The Canadian made cockpit oc-1 "The C-Lion" is being used for IVF qualify trails up here in Canada.

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Hi Tjl

I think it's Tiger Canoe who are making the OC1 for the next worlds. It was mentioned on a previous thread sometime last year, but I can't find it now.

The Seahorse is the same hull but different deck to the Surfrigger, and according to the Moana Nui site is currently out of production. The Surfrigger has been the dominant canoe at New Zealand sprint nationals over the years. Not too hard to paddle rudderless, and as the older models used rubber lashings it was easy to play with the rigging to get everything optimised for a straight track. Nowadays it's clip-in kiato/aiko and the ability to tinker has been lost.

In recent times other local manufactures have been giving the Surfrigger a run for its money. Maui Kanu http://www.mauikanu.co.nz/ have a new canoe, XTSea, that by all accounts is very nice to paddle rudderless.

Rarotonga Outrigger canoes also do a rudderless OC1, http://www.roc.co.ck/Products.htm

Of course none of the above is much help if you don't live out in this part of the world (NZ) :-).

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