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Im building an OC3 in my dads garage and its comming allonge fine. With a bit of luck it will be in the water at the end of the summer. Im still looking for a sail or a place where you can buy or order them from.
If anyone knows of such a place please send me a email.
or if anyone has some good ideas about setting up my mast so it can rake forward or backwards that would be great to. I think it works on a balljoint like an a catamaran but im not sure.
I live in Holland where there are no sailing outriggers so im building my outrigger from photos.

my site is



Submitted by tijn on Tue, 05/22/2007 - 8:46am

Your work is impressive tijn!
What is your connection with Outrigger Canoe.. do you paddle 1man, 6man? Or do you come from sailing background?
Good luck with the project...

#1 Tue, 05/22/2007 - 9:15am

First off, I am by no means a sailor so forgive me if I butcher all the sailing terms.

nice looking boat. how big is it? I have a 16 footer and a buddy of mine has a 16 as well as an 18 foot canoe. We both use the same size sail. I think it's 52 sq ft. It slides over the boom with a sleeve that is stiched into it's side. I will try to get a copy of the sail plans for you if you like. I had it made here in Hawaii by the guys at North Sail.The easiest way we found to rig was to use a windsurfing mast. We have not used any stays for the mast. The mast just slides through a piece of wood epoxied or glassed into the boat that is even with the gunwhales and the bottom sits in a mast step. When it's really windy you do get alot of bend in the mast, but this also helps to keep you from flipping if you don't have a safety ama, which I don't. Since you automatically spill air during big gusts. I think with the uni ball rig, you will end up having to use stays. I was just looking for the easiest and fastest rig to set up and break down. Since your boat has a rounded bottom, you'll prolly have a lot of side slip in windy conditions unless you use a huge steering paddle or a drop board or both. My boat is built out of plywood and stiched/epoxy filleted together so it has very strong chines on it. That way it acts as it's own keel and does not side slip much compared to a rounded hull. For our booms we used wood with two prongs eppoxied on the end, like a fork which grabs the mast. The boom is then kept from sliding up and down along the mast by the force of the tight sail and tire rubbers. I'll say this, your boat appears that it will be much more seaworthy than mine since it looks to have alot of freeboard. Awesome job on the lay up! I thought about making a glass canoe but was scared off by the fear of screwing up the glassing. I'll try to get you some pictures of the rig the next time I take the boat out.

Zuerst weg, bin ich auf keinen Fall ein Seemann, also mir verzeihen, wenn ich alle segelnden Bezeichnungen schlachte. nettes schauendes Boot. ist es wie groß? Ich habe ein Seitenende 16 und ein Freund von meinen hat 16 sowie ein 18-Fuss-Kanu. Wir beide benutzen das gleiche Größe Segel. Ich denke, daß es 52 Quadrat-ft. ist. Es schiebt über die Hochkonjunktur mit einer Hülse, die stiched in sie ist Seite ist. Ich versuche, eine Kopie der Segelpläne für dich zu erhalten, wenn du magst. Ich ließ es hier in Hawaii von den Kerlen an der NordSail.The einfachsten Weise bilden, die wir fanden, um in Ordnung zu bringen sollten einen windsurfing Mast benutzen. Wir haben keine Aufenthalte für den Mast verwendet. Der Mast gerade schiebt durch ein Stück Holz geklebt oder glassed in das Boot, das mit den gunwhales gleichmäßig ist und die Unterseite in einem Mastschritt sitzt. Wenn er wirklich windig ist, erhältst du alot der Schlaufe im Mast, aber dieser hilft auch, dich vom Leicht schlagen zu halten, wenn du nicht ein Sicherheit ama hast, das ich nicht. Da du automatisch Luft während der grossen Boen verschüttest. Ich denke mit der uni Kugelanlage, du beende herauf das Müssen Aufenthalte verwenden. Ich war gerecht, nach der einfachsten und schnellsten Anlage suchend, aufzustellen und unten zu brechen. Da dein Boot eine gerundete Unterseite hat, hast du prolly eine Menge seitlicher Beleg in den windigen Bedingungen, es sei denn du ein sehr großes Lenkpaddel oder ein Tropfenbrett oder -beide benutzt. Mein Boot wird aus Furnierholz heraus errichtet und stiched,/Epoxid zusammen ausgebeint, also hat es sehr starke Chines auf ihm. Daß Weise es dient, als sie Kiel, zu besitzen ist und nicht der Beleg mit Seiten versieht, der viel mit einem gerundeten Rumpf verglichen wird. Für unsere Hochkonjunktur, die wir Holz mit zwei Zinken benutzten, eppoxied am Ende, wie einer Gabel, die den Mast ergreift. Die Hochkonjunktur wird dann von entlang den Mast auf und ab schieben durch die Kraft der festen Segel- und Gummireifengummis gehalten. Ich sage dieses, dein Boot scheine, daß es viel seetauglicher als meine ist, da es schaut, um alot von freeboard zu haben. Ehrfürchtiger Job auf der Lage oben! Ich dachte, an das Bilden eines GlasKanus aber wurde weg durch die Furcht vor dem Schrauben herauf glassing erschrocken. Ich versuche, dir einige Abbildungen der Anlage zu erhalten, naechstes Mal wenn ich das Boot herausnehme.

First away, I am in no case a sailor, thus me forgive, if I slaughter all segelnden designations. nice looking boat. is it as large? I have an end of page 16 and a friend of my have 16 as well as a 18-Fuss-Kanu. We both use same size the sail. I think that it square ft 52. is. It pushes over the boom with a case, which is stiched into it side is. I try to receive a copy of the sail plans for you if you like. I let form it here in Hawaii of the chaps at the NordSail.The simplest way, which we found, over in order to bring should one windsurfing mast use. We used no stays for the mast. The mast straight pushes wood by a piece adhesive or glassed into the boat, which is even gunwhales with that and which sits lower surface in a mast step. If it is really windy, receive you alot to the loop in the mast, but this helps also, you from the easy strikes to hold, if you do not have security ama, which I not. Since you bury air automatically during the large Boen. I think with the University of ball plant, you terminate a having stays to use up. I was fair to set up and down break looking for the simplest and fastest plant. Since your boat has a rounded lower surface, you have prolly a quantity lateral voucher in the windy conditions, it are you a very large guidance paddle or a drop board or - both uses. My boat is established from veneer wood and ausgebeint stiched, /Epoxid together, therefore it has very strong Chines on it. That way it serves, when it is to be possessed Kiel, and not the voucher provides with sides, which is compared much with a rounded trunk. For our boom, which we used wood with two tines, eppoxied at the end, as a fork, which seizes the mast. The boom is then held off of along the mast onto and to push by Kraft of the firm sail and rubber tire rubbers. I legend of this, your boat seem that it is many sea-more suited than my, since it looks, in order to have alot of freeboard. Ehrfürchtiger job on the situation above! I thought, of forming a GlasKanus however away by the fear of screwing glass-sing frightened up. I try, you some illustrations of the plant too received, next time if I the boat take out.

#2 Tue, 05/22/2007 - 12:43pm

Aloha tjns,
congratulations on your good job, it must feel preety good to make it happend from pictures to a real canoe, your concept of marine arquitecure is right on, i been watching carefully and is exellent.
however i have one question, what would you do in the gunwells? if you notice all hawaiian canoes have a 4' wooden gunnwell along the lenth betwen the front manu and the back manu, basicly it gives the flex-momentum, extructure- wise.
i couldnt find this in your mold, a canoe without it is like a plastic cup of coffe without the top ream.

just one feedback

imua to your inisiative and hope you have good sails soon

#3 Thu, 05/24/2007 - 3:23am


Check out Nick Beck's holopuni. He has a number of rigging and sailing options for his sailing canoe. They are now being raced and Nick has been all over on his. He has a website- believe it is holopuni.com but you can use holopuni as a search word.

Nick has been around canoes as long as anyone and has designed a great water vehicle. Versatile, fast, durable and extremely sea worthy. A fleet of them now on the beach in Hanalei and he has three over in Tahiti. He is manufacturing them in N. California and keeps one at Lake Tahoe where is now lives.

Hope the information will be of use.

#4 Thu, 05/24/2007 - 8:02am

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