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I'm looking for some help in finding places to demo different OC-1 so I can figure out what canoe works best for me. I haven't paddled OC-1 before but paddled OC-6 when I was in Maui and am now making the transition to paddling the OC-1. I've learned (especially through reading other threads) that the best way to determine what works best is to paddle as many different canoes as possible, rather than ask everyone, "what's the best OC-1 out there". I live up in San Francisco now but also spend lots of time down in the Newport area. I've been looking predominatly at the Hurricane and Fuze, but I don't want to limit myself to just demoing those. Any help with contact info for Clubs, sales reps, or a kind fellow paddler in the area that wouldn't mind someone going for a test run (or previous threads that have already discussed this issue) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

Submitted by anm on Wed, 05/23/2007 - 4:43pm

I know this doesn't answer your question, but think it might be helpful.

I can tell you that until you actually get some OC-1 experience under your belt, you will have difficulty determining what works best for you. It's definately a catch-22. I was in your shoes exactly a year ago. Prior to buying my first canoe, a Hurricane, I spent quite a bit of time on a friend's Eclipse and swore it was the best boat ever. In fact, it is a great starter boat, because it is so stable. But as my skill, balance, experience, etc. began to accumulate, I found that the Eclipse, though stable, didn't surf as well as I would have liked. It also pearled quite a bit. Now that I have been driving my Hurricane for about a year, I now know that the Eclipse is not the boat for me, regardless of my first impressions.

My other suggestion is to first buy a used boat. I have beat the shit out of mine, mostly because I was learning, I didn't know how to carry it properly, and practiced surfing in placed I shouldn't haven't been. Also, you can get a used boat relatively quickly and then get on the list for a new boat.

Good Luck,

#1 Wed, 05/23/2007 - 5:08pm

Check out Huki. Made in Sacramento. Their website lists all their demos (dates and events). Usually has some used ones on their site also. I've had a V1-X for almost a year and am stoked with it. Impecable workmanship. You can talk to the guy that actually designs and makes them. Served me well racing all winter, and fun on downwind runs.Would buy another Huki, no problem.

#2 Wed, 05/23/2007 - 5:35pm

FYI - Chris O'Keefe (sp?) reps both the Fuze and Hurricane in So. Cal. His website is www.oceanohana.com.

#3 Wed, 05/23/2007 - 6:42pm

I agree that there is a Catch-22. But if you live in California, you at least have the chance to try different boats before and after you buy.

I bought a Huki V1-B in 2004, sight unseen, and never having paddled any outrigger at all ... ever.

Drove from Connecticut to Sacramento to pick it up. Great boat. Great workmanship. And great service from Jude.

Since then, I've paddled my Huki in the Pacific, the Great Lakes, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, Mono Lake, Yellowstone, the Boundary Waters, and all sorts of lakes, rivers and swamps in between. Have enjoyed it all enormously. (I claim the OC-1 altitude record, paddling at 10,500 feet outside of Yosemite.)

Did I buy the right boat? Well, I don't have a clue. In all that time, I never once have ever even seen another outrigger canoe, much less had the opportunity to paddle another one. You don't miss what you don't know. And you are grateful to have the only one of something you ever see.

Of course, since I like paddling in flat fresh water a lot more than bumpy salt, and since the Huki V1-X wasn't around in 2004, maybe I'll do blind date trade in. What the heck.

If you stick with boats that you know good paddlers are paddling, from reliable vendors who can advise you on the best model for your intended paddling waters and objectives, I don't think you can go "wrong" on your first boat. Like marriage, there is not just one perfect partner or just one perfect boat; there are many reasonable alternatives.

As your experience and objectives change, you will inevitably change boats, if not spouses. That's why I have 13. Canoes and kayaks, that is.

They were all reasonably "right" at the time I got them, and three of them stay on top of my van at all times, ready for action: my 1986 Lotus Caper solo canoe, my 1996 Surge sea kayak, and my 2004 Huki V1-B.

Oh, wait till you have to decide on paddles. The whole bloody contraption doesn't go anywhere or even move from the put in without the "perfect" paddle.

#4 Wed, 05/23/2007 - 7:10pm

I totally agree that there is a catch 22 in the buying your first boat, my recommendation is first try out friends boats, then unless you have a unseen amount of money to blow buy a used boat to learn. It will save you a lot of trouble in repairs and the resale of the boat.

Oh and Glenn I have paddled at that altitude as well also right outside of Yosemite.

#5 Wed, 05/23/2007 - 8:02pm


We have a Pegasus oc1 for demo up in the SF area. If you would like to demo the Pegasus Oc1 you can contact me at Keone@kaiwaa-oceancanoes.com and I'd be more then happy to help you out.



#6 Thu, 05/24/2007 - 5:07am


Join NAC (Newport Aquatic Center) (down in the newport area) or one of the Bay Area clubs... There you can try the "club" boats and get used to paddling an oc1. I agree that it takes some time paddling before you can start to asses the differences between different oc1s. I paddle out of biac with Hui Wa'a in Redwood City. There is also Kilohana in Redwood City, another club in Foster City (Ho'okahi Pu'uwai Outrigger Canoe Club (HPOCC)) and there is always SFOCC (but I do not know if they have a small boat program). Once you are in the club for awhile, you will get to know other team members and you can talk to them about their boats. They will probably even let you try their boats.....

Personally, I am a huki fan. My wife and I have a v1-b and a v1-x (I paddle the b, she paddles the x).

Good luck


#7 Thu, 05/24/2007 - 6:04am

Aaron, As e02060 we sell both the Hurricane and Fuze, We also have the Fusion, Zepher, Pegasus, and Tiger built Pahoa. All of these boats as well as the other big builders (Kaku, Huki, John Martin) are good boats, Each as I am sure you already know has unique characteristics that make the boat special. There is no boat on the market that is the best boat, Regardless of what the builders say. However there is a best boat for you.Educating yourself is very important and can save you time by narowing your search and not trying boats you know you don't want. I do have demo canoes of most of our boats and we do have new Fuze and Fusions in stock. We are located in San Diego and will be at the Marina Del Rey OC-6 race June 2. Let us know if you have any specific questions. www.oceanohana.com

#8 Thu, 05/24/2007 - 6:28am

Thanks for all your responses, which were all very helpful. It's tough being a total rookie to the OC-1 but we all have to start somewhere, I guess. I figured that it would take some time to even get used to paddling the OC-1 before I could get a feel for what's best for me. I'm thinking there will definitely be some trial an error time ahead for me. I'm looking forward to talking with those who have offered help - I'll send an email soon. Hoping to make it down for the MDR race and looking into some of the Bay Area clubs, too. Thanks again for all your help - it's very much appreciated.

#9 Thu, 05/24/2007 - 8:16am

Huki is the way to go, I had a v1-a and very recently upgraded to a v1-x. it is SOOO smooth (and beautiful).

Plus, Jude is a good guy. He will take care of any problems that may arise.

#10 Mon, 07/16/2007 - 4:35pm

anm,if you are up near Redwood City, I have a stingray for sale.good shape no leaks all carbon. you are more than welcome to demo. just reply paddle5@sbcglobal.net

#11 Mon, 07/16/2007 - 8:53pm

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