Tahoe Criterion

Hey all,

I'll be headed down to the Tahoe Criterion over the holiday weekend. Any good camping spots or cheap hostels? I'll be bringing OC1 but its a bit of a heavy boat so if anyone knows of an OC1 that could be loaned instead that would be very appreciated. I will even bring and share some of our famous Oregon beer. :)

Also if anyone needs a Masters Male for the OC6 races I'm game for that too. Leave me a message here.


Submitted by Matuka Joe on Tue, 08/21/2007 - 3:04pm

Good luck getting a campsite over Labor Day weekend, it's probably the busiest camping weekend of the year here! Here's a link to some of the campgrounds on the N. Shore, I would definitely call before hand though.
Some of them are first come first served, so if you get here on Thur. or sooner, you should be able to get something.
Don't know of any hostels, but some of the casinos in Crystal Bay have pretty cheap deals sometimes.
Good Luck!

#1 Wed, 08/22/2007 - 11:16am

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