Split seam repair on Huki X ama

After some heavy pounding recently, the seam has split for about 8 " on one side at the front of my ama, where the front iaku attaches. Is there a relatively simple repair procedure for this? The layup is super light carbon-kevlar and has a gelcoat finish. Any advice would be appreciated.

Submitted by Dano on Fri, 08/31/2007 - 3:11am

best bet would be to drop jude an email - although it might not be covered under warranty, he should be able to tell you how it can be fixed.

funny, i JUST emailed Jude about warranty questions last night and got a response this morning.

good luck!

#1 Fri, 08/31/2007 - 5:08am

run 2" tape along the seam a few inches beyond the split. Open the split up with tongue depessors or popsicle sticks. Wrap a thin cloth around another Tongue depressor/popsickle stick, dip it in denatured alcohol and clean the inside surfaces free of moisture, salt and debri. Mix 5 min epoxy if youre in a hurry or 30 minute for more strength. Add enough micro- spheres and cabosil to make a wet peanut butter consistency.
Genty flex the sticks that are being used toopen the seam and smear the epoxy mixture inside, coating both surfaces. remove the sticks, gently apply pressureto squish out exsess and wipe excess away. "clamp" the surfaces together using tape running perpindicular across the split seam. When epoxy is set, pressure test to make sure you sealed the entire split. Then have a good paddle.......works the same for boats. This expert knowledge was brought to you by BoatAid. Cheers!

#2 Fri, 11/09/2007 - 8:03pm

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