New England Outrigger / Surfski Championships

Jun 29 2008 12:00 pm
Jun 29 2008 4:43 pm
Event Description: 

A 15 mile ,offshore, downwind, point to point ocean race for kayaks , ocean rowing craft, outriggers and surfkis in Casco Bay on the central Maine coast. Casco Bay is the home turf of some of the current Na Wahine O Ke Kai Jr. Masters world champions. The race start is at East End Beach in Portland , Maine and finishes at the southern tip of Basin Point. This is a perfect tune up for Blackburn which follows in two weeks. Maine in the Summertime is a paddlers paradise , if youve never been here before , its worth the drive or flight up to experience Maine outrigger racing at its best. Heres some history of just one of the several islands you will race past during the race :

pics from last years race can be viewed here:
City of Portland , Maine info:

Sponsors :
Eastern Outrigger
Mad Gringo
Gillespie Paddles
New England Small Craft
Mayors Cup

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