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Jan 12 2008 9:00 am
Jan 13 2008 12:00 am
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Happy new year to all the paddling community. This is a reminder of the upcoming demo days. Due to heavy wind and rain this has been rescheduled for Sat and Sunday January 12 and 13. Sorry for late schedule change.

Saturday January 12, 2008. The location is set for Santa Barbara. The location is the SBOCC practice site. SBOCC is located at the North end of Main Beach, (closest to the Harbor) The Parking lot is located in Santa Barbara Harbor at Cabrillo Boulevard and Harbor Way. There is also street parking.
Start time will be 9:00 Am and will last until everyone has had a chance to try out all the boats.

Sunday January 13. 9:00 Am. Redondo Beach at the Lanakila and Nahoa Outrigger canoe site. Lanakila is located next to the Harbormaster's Office in the Marina in Redondo Beach. To get there, just drive to Harbor Drive, and into Marina Way. You can park next to the canoes, or in the parking lot. http://www.lanakila.com/joinlanakila.asp
We will have some of the top OC-6 and OC-1 paddlers on hand to answer any question you may have, We would like to encourage any paddler regardless of experience to come join us and try out a large variety of boats.
Coaches, Club reps, info guru's please pass this info on to paddlers that need to know. Our available stock may not last long and this is a great opportunity to get into a new boat.

We will have all of the following models of boats to Demo as well as for immediate purchase.

Hurricane OC-1 (5 in stock 2950.00)
Pegasus OC-1 (5 in stock 3100.00)
Fuze OC-1 (2400-3200.00)
Fusion OC-1 (3000-3200.00)
Zephyr OC-1 (2600-3200.00)
Stingray OC-2 (Discounted 3300-3500.00)
Huki S1-x Surfski (Discounted 2800.00)

Prices do not include delivery charges, tax, or processing fee if purchased with a credit card. Call for details.

We will also have paddles from the following manufacture's available for Demo and purchase

If you know you are planning on purchasing a boat please let us know so we can be sure to bring the color you want. Blemished boats from Outrigger connection are still available at reduced pricing. Here is a link to the available boats and prices. http://web.mac.com/chrisok/iWeb/Ocean%20Ohana/Canoes.html If you have any questions feel free to contact me via phone or email anytime.

Please note I made a mistake on the SBOCC race January 19, The race is NOT a point to point race, I had read the race description wrong and thought it was a point to point.
Also the Crissy field race has been changed back to the original date, It is now on January 19, NOT january 12

January is filled with races, Why not race on a brand new boat. No excuses.
January 19 Crissy Field (Nor Cal) This is a great race with awesome water conditions,
January 19, Santa Barbara, Pier back to pier, NOT Pier to pier
January 29 HanoHano Ocean Challenge, This is the largest race of the year.

Contact Chris O'Kieffe 858.337.1190 or Chris@oceanohana.com for more information.

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