Ocean Ohana Catalina Challenge

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Mar 30 2008 9:00 am
Mar 30 2008 6:00 pm
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The Catalina Challenge is all set for March 30, we have a special clinic Saturday with Jim and John Foti, This is free to all competitors, The Catalina Challenge is California's premier relay event. 39 miles across the Catalina channel, Although generally not a surfing event it is challenging, The past few years has seen a steady increase in participants that come from Hawaii, Australia, Canada and throughout the US. Danny Ching And Steve Sinkus are the current record holders with a time of 4:55 minuutes, They are back to defend their title and hopes for a record 3 in a row, Jeanne Barrett is back defending her winning streak with a substitute partner Shein-lu Stokesbury , Jeanne has five consecutive wins with partner Jill Schooler who is taking a year off to have a baby. They set the record of 5:42:22. back in 2005.
For more information about the race go to www.catalinachallenge.com

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