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Mar 22 2008 8:00 am
Mar 22 2008 2:00 pm
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Outrigger Zone Coastal Relay this Saturday March 22nd., 2008

Registration site pending, but potentially in Pinky's parking lot fronting the canal. visit www.kanakaikaika.com for updates.

This race is for Surfskis, OC-1, OC-2 and Paddle Boards. There are two courses. Long course which has four legs and the short course which has two legs and starts from Makai Pier. Paddle Boards should probably do the short course. If anyone doesn't think they can make the cut off at Hawaii Kai, then you better do the short course.

Divisions & Start Times for Long Course
OC-1 & SS-1 Long OC-2 & SS-2 Long

Men: Open 9:00am Men: Open 9:00am
Men: 40+ 8:30am Women: Open 8:00am
Men: 50+ 8:30am Mix: Open 8:30am
Women: Open 8:00am
Women: 40+ 8:00am
Women: 50+ 8:00am M & F - If theres less than 3 teams in the W-50+ division then they will go to the W - 40+ division

Divisions & Start Times for Short Course
OC-1 & SS-1 Short OC-2 & SS-2 Short Paddleboards

Men: Open 10:00am Men: Open 10:00am Two Person Teams Men 10:00am
Men: 40+ 10:00am Women: Open 10:00am Two Person Teams Women 10:00am
Men: 50+ 10:00am Mix: Open 10:00am Two Person Teams Mix 10:00am
Women: Open 10:00am
Women: 40+ 10:00am
Women: 50+ 10:00am M & F - If theres less than 3 teams in the W-50+ division then they will go to the W - 40+ division

All divisions are for long and short courses. Your division is based on the youngest paddler in the craft.

Start time for short course is 10:00am for everyone from Makai Pier.

Registration will start at 6:30am. Get there and get registered early.

Everyone has to check in at the 2, 3 and 4 locations. Someone will be there to get your time and boat number. We will pull you out of the race if you come in after one hour after the first person comes in. You can ask the Beach Director for the time.

Standup Paddle Boards will start at Makai Pier.

Start in the canal then around Bird Island, to the buoy or thru the Mokes (depending on the weather) to Sand Bags at the end of Lanikai Beach- 6.0 miles

Sand Bags out around the Mokes to Makai Pier - 5.50 miles

Maikai Pier to Hawaii Kai - 9.50 miles

Hawaii Kai to Magic Island - 10.0 miles

The map below are numbered with the following locations:

  1. Start - The start will be in the canal for long course and go out around Bird Island and then to Sandbags. It will be a seeded start with everyone in the water.
  2. Sand Bags in Lanikai. There will be a buoy on the Kaneohe side of the Mokes for paddlers to turn on and head into Sandbags. Depending on the weather, you will go back out thru or around the mokes and head for Makai Pier.
  3. Makai Pier (Start of the short Course and Standup Paddle Boards. Starting time 10:00am) The cut off time will be one hour after the first OC-1 paddler comes in for the long course paddlers.
  4. Hawaii Kai Bath House. There is a cut off time here. The cut off time will be one hour after the first OC-1 paddler comes in. If you come after that you will be pulled out of the race, there will be no one there.
  5. Finish is at Magic Island at the orange buoy we have been using in the past races. The buoy will be on your left side of the jetty. Stay on the outside of the buoy as close to the buoy as you can. Do not come in between the inside of the jetty and the buoy, you will lose your rudder if you do.

Awards will be held at 2:00 at the Koa Kai halau area.

Food and awards will be at the Koa Kai Canoe Club area starting at 2:00 pm

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