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The sea was angry that day my friends. The day was March 11, 2008. The place was outside Sprecklesville on the island of Maui. I had been here once before under different circumstances….but that is another story. Departing from my scheduled workout for the day I decided to venture outside beautiful Kahului Harbor to do an out and back course. Starting upwind along the coast and then out around the surf break I finished with the wind back into the Harbor. However, this wasn’t just any usual ho hum OC1 paddling exercise. As I was surfing my majestic pahoa, in mint condition mind you, in some small troughs my pahoa and I came to a soft sudden stop. The hull of the boat was raised off the turbulent ocean into the air. Instinctively I put my paddle over my ama and leaned to the left. The boat and I were then flicked over by an unknown mass from beneath. I wont lie to you friends, I was terrified! I got back into the boat faster than ever before and caught the next immediate bump. Obviously I survived, however, my pahoa needed some counseling following the incident. The culprit is unknown but I am guessing one of the following: Giant squid, killer whale, screaming eel, great white or just some kind of whale.

Submitted by R O on Wed, 03/26/2008 - 1:57pm

Sounds like a Kraken to me.

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Sounds like a whale. I'd #%& bricks. That makes you whale rider. I see a few shadows seals nothing like that. when we went to north shore we went to see the sharks. check out my site I got it on video. you probably surprised him too.

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i'd say it was a willaperwollaper. you came off very lucky, last time i saw one he swallowed 2 of my friends(close call, i almost scratched my boat). was your boat yellow? they seem to like yellow the most.

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Yeah , I was going to say it might be a willaperwollaper but , I didn`t know that thier range extended as far as the Hawaiian islands. Learned something new today.... :)

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This thread reminds me of the time Mike Judd had an encounter with a whale during a Kanaka Ikaika race many years ago. It was a Hawai'i Kai run race course and, if memory serves me right, he was coming around Diamondhead when his boat (with him in it) was suddenly thrust upward into the air. Their were paddlers around who witnessed this happening, too! Mike had to stand on the whale, which I think he said was probably a baby, and pull his rudder off of the whale with force because it was somehow stuck. We were all glad that Mike made it to the beach because things could have been much worse!

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Welcome to the club, RO! My "close encounter" required 2/3 of my hull to be replaced. Looked like someone had taken a hard-boiled egg and rolled it across the countertop, with a couple of really deep gouges/punctures from a barnacle or something. I was training at 0-dark-30, so I didn't even have the benefit of light. I knew it was a whale though as the tail flukes slapped the water over and over again mere inches from my ama. I'm just glad it was a baby and not mama. Baby did enough damage to my boat and my shorts.

Since I survived, it makes a great story, as long as I leave out the part about me screaming like a little girl.

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Don, you just shattered my memories of the tough Don Mehling i thought i knew, screaming like a little girl .... !!! Hahaaa. Mate i can't say i blame you, would have done exactly that myself.


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damn whales, check the link below:

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finally someone with enough gumption to speak up on the whale problem. good link.

#10 Wed, 04/02/2008 - 9:01pm

I read some of that link now i have to wash my eyes

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sounds like a time this year off of diamond head during a hiawaii kia run when myself and two other men from my club were surfing some huge ground swell, and right behind me was an adult humpback sufing my looked like a huge black shadow bearing down upon me so i cut right and let it pass ...close call and some good laughs were shared,a great story.

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I once rode a "whale"... it happened after a partytime with too much beer consumption...

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