New to oc1

I would like to get into oc1,former windsurfer 240lbs 5'10 wailuku side. I know i've got to loose 40# at least.
Seeking 411 on canoe type I should buy (used). recreational/exercise mentality, please kokua.
I 'll probably be learning in kahului harbor.
mahalo nui loa

Submitted by kumanari on Sat, 04/12/2008 - 10:31pm

Aloha kumanari, like you , we are all recreational paddlers in this sport. Some like to compete at a high level but, even this is done at the recreational level.

Bottom line is , we all like to spend time on the ocean and have fun , get excercise and hang with good friends. Since you are new to OC1 you will be meeting many new people soon to help you get into the right boat.

Since you are looking to buy a used canoe , probably model is more important to you than make . I would suggest that you look for one of the canoes thats 21 6" in overall length to carry your weight at between 200 and 240 lbs.

Get a canoe thats super comfortable to paddle in. Make sure the hull doesnt have any soft spots . When buying a used canoe it helps to know about the pitfalls, soft hulls are one of the big ones. I m slightly biased towards the Outrigger Connection canoes because of their well known durability. If you can find a used Gator, Mantra, Stingray ,or Fusion thats used in good condition you would do well .

Good luck to you in your search, :)

P/S the attached photo is of a used Fusion that was folded in half while on top of a car in parking place. A truck drove right through the Fusion but, the repair ( by me ) went well and the boat has since passed itssea trials . So , alls good once again . :)

#1 Sun, 04/13/2008 - 1:12am

I was 270 when I got my fusion. I am new to paddling so I will limit my comment to say that the carbon/kevlar is very well made and very ding resistant, it seems to grab even small bumps and want to go, from what I read here, it shines in big surf. Put it in the search and you can read some comments by others here who own the boat. The other boat I have paddled around was a huki and it seemed to plow with my weight. The fusion is pretty big when you lay it next to a hurricane or pegasus. If there had been availability I would have tried a kaimana which was also suggested for heavier paddlers but none were available. As a beginner it is really hard because you dont have any experience with which to make a good evaluation, you just go into it. Hopefully you will have opurtunity to try several. Best luck!

#2 Sun, 04/13/2008 - 2:26am

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