Another Day in Paradise - The Movie

Rambo sets out on another unearthly experience.

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Submitted by Rambo on Wed, 05/28/2008 - 4:57pm

can you score a free ride on the way back!!!
good job bu!!! and mahalo for sharing.

#1 Wed, 05/28/2008 - 5:21pm

Another day in paradise and another awesome flick by Rambo. You've outdone yourself!!!
Is it my imagination or is this a wider angle lens than in your past movies?

#2 Wed, 05/28/2008 - 5:28pm

i was watching the movie, then i saw this link on the same page. pretty random.


#3 Wed, 05/28/2008 - 5:33pm

No, same narrow lens, just cropped to wide screen in post. But the camera is mounted on the very tip of the Peggie bow with a suction cup.

Just took delivery of 12 of these little gems and in the process of connecting delay timers and radio control up to 1km in preparation for Hamo.

Cheers Rambo

#4 Wed, 05/28/2008 - 5:43pm

Very cool except no intro with the "herb" tea. Are you at liberty to make any comment on the paddle? It did look like a wider shot. Nice.

#5 Wed, 05/28/2008 - 8:50pm

Well let me say this Shawn, i've been using the Whacky for a month now and there have been no negatives, only positives. There is an adjustment period, but you have to commit to it. Double bend Makana Allii's are also getting popular, check out the photos of the Pa'a Solo. Am i faster with it, nope, paddle is a paddle. It is very, very natural in the hand and tends to favor the top arm more than a single bend.

Herbal tea intro in the next movie promise .. hahaaa.


#6 Wed, 05/28/2008 - 9:02pm

Rambo's latest movie gets featured on the front page of the GoPro Camera website.

Can only be good for the OC message.

Cheers Rambo

#7 Wed, 05/28/2008 - 11:24pm

Nice one Rambo! Congrats on the Gopro feature!

#8 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 6:13am

Rambo, you're the man!

#9 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 9:05am

Very cool. I thought that was snow at the beginning. Its fun to see your artistic elements evolve. Watch out MacGillivray Freeman, here comes Rambo.

#10 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 10:04am

Which GoPro package did you buy? It looks like the Helmet set up might have a suction cup base. Good job on the video. I want to get one of these so we can analyze form in the OC6 for my club.

#11 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 6:22pm

With the limited lens angle it's hard to get coverage of the crew from the Ama, so u need to shoot both ways 1-3 them 4 -6. I use a 90 degree bullet cam for that.

The std go pro will strap on the iako, the suction cup they have is only good for very flat smooth surfaces.

Cheers Rambo

#12 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 6:38pm

Thanks. Are you talking about the wrist strap? I'm trying to figure out the best package for my purposes. I was thinking that I'd only be able to get 2 paddlers in the picture from a side view.

#13 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 6:49pm

Front outer iako point back to 456 and rear outer iako point forward to 321.

This works, i tried it.

The wrist strap allows you to attach to a piece of foam which can then be put on a pole or around the OC1 iako or OC6 iako etc.

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Cheers rambo

#14 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 7:18pm

Cool, thanks!

#15 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 7:47pm

Hey a great concept for next years Molokai solo we should hook these cams to the top 5 guys boats and make a killer movie...good idea eh ?

#16 Thu, 05/29/2008 - 9:41pm

Except they record only for one hour max.

#17 Fri, 05/30/2008 - 5:37am

"Except they record only for one hour max."

Well, I guess everyone is going to paddle just a little harder now, won't they. haha

#18 Fri, 05/30/2008 - 6:49am

They only record for one hour now because the current camera only supports a Max 2GB SD card. SD Cards today have a higher capacity so hopefully soon they will have a new model that will support higher memory capacity. If they supported an 8GB SD card which exists today then you could record for 4 hours.

Wouldn't that be awesome....GoPro V2!! Hopefully coming soon.

#19 Fri, 05/30/2008 - 8:46am

I agree and then you start dealing with battery capacity. The other can of worms.

#20 Fri, 05/30/2008 - 9:08am

Guy's it simple to over come the battery and card capacity limits. I just run multiple cameras with delay timers.

As one runs out the next one takes over so the capturing continues for 2 hrs and if i use 3 cams 3 hours and so on.
That solves the battery and the card capacity problem.

The delay timer is 2 stage, first it turns on the power button, then 5 seconds later turns on the record button.Works perfect.

Same with the radio controlled GoPros, they are activated from the support boat nearby at will.

You will see how it all works at Hamo.

Cheers Rambo

#21 Fri, 05/30/2008 - 12:24pm

Just a little more info on the SD card and GoPro.

You can use a 4GB card in the GoPro, but it will still only record 2 GB. The limitation exists because the GoPro can only write to a FAT formatted SD card which has a 2GB limit. You cannot write to a FAT16 or FAT32 SD Card.

So if you ever have problems with the GoPro not recording (just double beeping) with a 2GB card, then you probably used it in another camera that reformatted the card to FAT16.

To fix the problem, right click on the card in MY Computer, click on format from the menu, and select FAT, then click OK. The card will then format to FAT and work in the GoPro.

This is a very common fault if you use the card in other cameras ie digital still cam.

Cheers Rambo

#22 Sat, 05/31/2008 - 1:13am

The 2GB/FAT limit is easy to overcome technically so I would expect an updated camera soon that uses FAT32 or some other filesystem. If you want extended battery life then lithium batteries can also be used to get that.

Yeah its nice to have 3-4 cameras to play with and time delay, but us cheap buggers don't always want to doll out the cash for that ;-)

We need paddling and beer money!

#23 Sat, 05/31/2008 - 4:22am

Beer ..for all ... good idea Pittbrah, i will go to work on a beer sponsor next ..hahaaa

I cannot get lithium to work in GoPros as they are 1.5v not 1.2. The actual voltage is 3.8v when measured in the gopro and it malfunctions, so only use 1.2v rechargeable. I use energizer and get almost 2 hrs.

Let's see some more videos guys.

Cheers Rambo

#24 Sat, 05/31/2008 - 10:42am

Hey Rambo,

Just got my GoPro Hero and recorded some video paddling today...Video is great, but man I got a lot of audio crackle and noise in the recording. It was a bit windy out here where I am today. What is the best setting to cut the audio noise down?


#25 Sat, 05/31/2008 - 3:49pm

Go into the menu and set the audio to Lo, the default setting is Hi. I never use the audio much so Lo is perfect.

If i do want live audio i use a Sony Mini disc with water proof stereo mike, awesome audio. Then just sync it with the video in post.

Cheers Rambo

#26 Sat, 05/31/2008 - 4:09pm

Strange enough Rambo, I can only use lithium batteries in my go pros to get the full hour recording. Rechargeables turn my cameras off after 5 seconds. Alkalines give me only 30 minutes. I know we have covered this before, but it seems to me that in our colder waters only lithium seems to hold up to the task.

#27 Sun, 06/01/2008 - 5:02am


I just used Energizer nimh rechargeables, 900mAh in mine and got 55 minutes of recording time. No issues. I turned off the auto stop or shutdown option on my GoPro.

I paddle in Lake Ontarion in Canada and it is not too warm up here most of the time either :-)

#28 Sun, 06/01/2008 - 6:21am

Everyone that i have referred to Energizer rechargeables has had no issues with capacity again. Even if you only run the cam for a short time, recharge them again to top them up.

Painteur, not sure how cold it gets in your neck of the woods, but try the Energizers anyway. there is quite a bit of heat generated within the waterproof sealed case (feel the main gopro body after running for 10 mins it's warm) the GoPro draws 160mA so that should help the batteries in cold weather.

There are 1200Ahr AAA rechargeables available, but unnecessary, 850 - 900mAh is heaps.

The GoPro is a bit finicky with voltage, anything over 3.4v and it starts to get unstable, under 2.2v and the GoPro drops out.

Two fully charged Energizers give 2.8v from the two 1.2v AAA's, and it runs faultless at this voltage.

In the Great Battery Shootout (scroll down to the results chart)
energizers came out on top. (yes they were AA in the test but quality is the same)

Cheers Rambo

#29 Sun, 06/01/2008 - 11:09am

Arctic, Arctic, Polar Bears and such :) :) Alrighty then, I'll try the damn Energizers and if they don't work I'll send you the bill Rambo.
Nah, you know how it goes, best intentions and silly results. My account at the bank of "Video Karma "needs some hefty deposits , that's what it is. I don't wrench, I paint, what can I say.

#30 Sun, 06/01/2008 - 7:26pm

Folks claim though, that they have seen me paint with a wrench.

#31 Sun, 06/01/2008 - 7:27pm

Painteur I hope that it wasnt you that started the fire at universal studios.
Your obviously ok,
I hope it doesnt put you out of work you have to save up for next years Molo Solo. and hammo as well.

#32 Sun, 06/01/2008 - 8:43pm

I knew there was more to it than colder waters, no "green backs" left after the Molo Solo for descent batteries eh Painteur .. hahaaa. Kevy, could you lend the man a buck or two so we can get to watch some more videos.

Cheers Rambo

#33 Sun, 06/01/2008 - 11:07pm

With another strike looming (actors this time ) a little fiery conflagration is the least of our problems. Since the corporate bean counters have taken over I'm making less then I did 10 years ago.
Rechargeables are cheaper in the long run, I have to admit.

#34 Mon, 06/02/2008 - 7:23am

How much of an issue is the lack of a wide angle lens on the GoPro ?
Can you put one on it ?
I read GoPro will have a wider angle lens in the future - when ?

What are the main pro/cons GoPro ?

#35 Mon, 06/02/2008 - 10:10am

Here is my first attempt at this... its a bit (actually alot) shakycam, so I apologise for that... will definitely try and improve next time around.

Camera is a Sanyo Xacti E1 waterproof handycam, takes 6mp stills and records mpeg4 video to an 8Gb SD card. Didn't have any rig for the camera, so just held it and went 'no hands'...

#36 Mon, 06/02/2008 - 11:47am

Nice one Coconut. I quite often mount the cam to the center of the paddle shaft and then use the paddle to aim the cam. Gives more control for steady shots and works better than helmetCam. Just edit out the parts where you paddle. Also you cannot lose the camera this way.

More movies guys.

Nice cam the E1, we are using one as the "body in the waterCam" at Sth Heads to film the canoes as they pass through the area where they launch off the "meeting of the tide" as it wraps around the lsland. ... 5x optical zoom is handy too.

Cheers Rambo

#37 Mon, 06/02/2008 - 12:08pm

Eckhart, no can put wide angle attachment on the GoPro as it cannot focus internally on the focal point of the wide angle lens. Yes, there is a wide angle lens model coming .... can say no more, please don't ask for more info, my lips are sealed.


No wandering focus to worry about
100% Waterproof to 100ft
Lightweight and tiny size
Simple two button controls
As good as DVD quality if you clean up in post
Shoots Progressive Mode (best for web upload and fast motion)
Good battery life (with rechargeables)
Excellent range of mounts available
Durable (no failures in 2 years)

All this makes it perfect as a POV Cam for prolonged unattended shooting.


Wider angle lens would be nice
Exposure can be tricky, in sunny conditions on water (trick is to capture more water, less sky) all cams suffer this.
High Definition would be nice

Cheers Rambo

#38 Mon, 06/02/2008 - 12:35pm

Hi Rambo, thanks for your response. I think that the wide angle will make it easier to obtain quality footage ?

I think we are all proud of your work; GoPro must love you, too.

Best regards to Mrs. Rambo - keep the pool clean. :)

#39 Tue, 06/03/2008 - 11:00am

Your welcome Eckhart, i just love sharing this stuff and the stoke of outrigger canoeing and it keeps me out of Mrs Rambos hair.... hahaa.

A wide angle will do two things, one good one bad, depending on the degree of angle.

Wider angle has the effect of making the footage appear steadier, but too wide an angle then you start to get lens distortion, but this can be put to effect.

I'm off to clean the pool.

Cheers Rambo

#40 Tue, 06/03/2008 - 11:45am

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