Anybody have any recommendations on VHF handhelds? Brands?

Submitted by NOHEALEE on Tue, 09/02/2008 - 3:52pm

Hi Nohea,

I just got this new model from Standard Horizon, model HX850S... its the ONLY handheld VHF with a built in GPS and digital distress signal (transmits your coordinates to the Coast Guard - similar to an EPIRB).
- It floats
- Its waterproof (submersible)
Costs around $250 but in my opinion its well worth the peace of mind...


#1 Tue, 09/02/2008 - 5:37pm

I totally agree with HawaiianX.
I would recommend to go one step further and get a see-through bag made by aquapac. It has a leash to tie to your kanu or belt? Even if the radio is waterproof and floats you have no crud/salt build-up with the aquapac. It's like a $20 extended warranty.
If your life is worth $250 you might as well protect your life saver for another 20 bucks.

#2 Tue, 09/02/2008 - 6:14pm

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