OC 1 project - Some Pictures

Hi all,

for those that are interested: a friend took some pictures of the canoe and I posted them. In case you want to see this live, just come and visit me; for questions send me an email.

Some comments:

  • the water line is about 20 feet
  • the widest beam is about 14 inches, beam at waterline: ?
  • the current weight is 18 - 19 pounds, due to the 2 inch, 2 pound/boardfoot Dow blue foam deck
  • current expense: $ 250 - $ 300, final cost likely $ 400

This is a prototype to test some of the ideas that I have when I think about boat design: wave piercing, lowest deck volume, low seat, feet apart,
waterline as long as overall length of the boat, increased overall bouyancy and some other ideas. I call this a 'wet boat' as I expect the waves to wash over the boat, rather than to make it pitch and roll. Will it be able to surf, too ?

Most things should be finished within one more week. After that, refining will continue indefinitely.

I have some experience with carbon fiber, not too much, but it helps - working with fiberglass is much easier and cheaper. I don't use any masks for cutting, just shaping the way I see it. One of the design concepts is to make building the canoe as easy as building a surfboard.

See here:
The pictures are not high res, enough to get the idea.

Suggestions re improvements are more than welcome.

Little update: right after we took the pictures I decided to revise the inner life of the boat. I had a 2 inch Dow blue foam deck, as described. This deck was covered with fiber glass. What I had not done was to cover the blue foam deck with fiberglass from the bottom - thus I had no 'sandwich' as my deck. After some discussion whether the boat could possibly break, I decided to cut off the entire deck, glass it from the bottom and put it on again.

At the same time, I thin out the deck from 2 inch to less than 1 inch, reinforce the stringer. Overall I will gain strength and end up with 1 - 2 lbs less weight. So that's all welcome.
I am almost done, took 2 - 3 hours, I am glad I decided to do it. I do most things with hand tools, non-electric, by the way - much less dust.
Maybe I'll take some more pics, the inside of a boat always looks very interesting.

Submitted by eckhart diestel on Sun, 11/09/2008 - 2:42pm

Hey Ecky, have some stuff i want to talk about with you but I'm off to the Cook Island's on Thursday and have lot's of prep to do on my camera gear, so talk when i come back.

Cheers Rambo

#1 Sun, 11/09/2008 - 11:45pm

cangratulations eckhart diestel,
isn't one of the best journeys you ever got into?
keep it up!


#2 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 12:42am

This is related to boat design so i will post it here, it's a quiz question.

Which well known FAST Hawaiian OC1 manufacturer has a OC2 in the works?

Hint .... Ecky and i have both owned one.

Cheers Rambo

#3 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 1:03am

did you named her yet? are you working on the Ama?

#4 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 6:25am

Rambo, that OC-2 has been "in the works" for at least 4 years that I know of. I was waiting and waiting and finally gave up and bought a Waveblade OC-2 from Pineula Va'a. I just hope the design is complete before my wife and I need another new OC-2...

#5 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 11:37am

I've seen at least one of the prototypes here within the last year...looked cool, no doubt.

Cool man, really cool. I know you got me pricing wood, foam and composite materials. Keep up the good and hard work!

#6 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 12:46pm

Mariano - no name yet, well an idea ...

Initially I will set up the boat with a conventional ama, which I made before. One thing that I want to try later on is to have a trimaran configuration with iakos behind the seat area only - a TC 1 if you will.

Right now I have 'disassembled' the entire boat again - for the reason that I described in my first post. It will be for the better.

While taking off the entire deck, I was able to check on some of the structural parts that I had added for stiffness and seat support - not all of them had entirely come out the way planned.
All this got a little messy after the transformer of my hot-wire foam cutting bow burnt out - the cutting wire drew too much current.

Rambo - safe travel; I am looking forward to hearing from you when you are back.

#7 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 12:55pm

Don, FF Kino, is that the Brand starting with H or the one starting with K, i'm talking about the H one.

Cool Ecky, now get back to work on that Oc1.... hahha

Cheers Rambo

#8 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 1:24pm


Hasn't Hurricane been saying for about 5 years now that an OC2 is in development - along with their OC6 and paddles too!

#9 Mon, 11/10/2008 - 6:04pm

On the website yes, but my reliable source tells me it's actually now being made.


#10 Tue, 11/11/2008 - 12:26am


that's the one I was talking about.

#11 Tue, 11/11/2008 - 2:12pm

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