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Hope this works.
I've never posted a video on anything before
But anyways, here is a short video of me and my friend paddling in Kailua.

A Paddler's Film<br/></br/>

Submitted by justin on Thu, 12/18/2008 - 9:29pm

More we need more videos on OCP they make the boring days go by a little easier, and they just make you want to go paddle.

#1 Thu, 12/18/2008 - 10:47pm

Nicely done. Hat's off.

#2 Fri, 12/19/2008 - 10:22am

team j-dub!! Ho mean dat pegasus, kinda looks like mines.....

#3 Fri, 12/19/2008 - 10:59am

i like her.


#4 Fri, 12/19/2008 - 11:23am

Nice work Justin, good to see more people doing paddling videos.

Cheers Rambo

#5 Fri, 12/19/2008 - 11:28am


Jaws Out.

#6 Fri, 12/19/2008 - 11:40am


#7 Fri, 12/19/2008 - 12:08pm

If Rambo says it's good you have to click on the link, it was a nice ride, look forward to more of the same.

#8 Sat, 12/20/2008 - 1:15am

Excellent job with that one Jason , good angles, nice smooth camera etc.....Shore line scenery in the background makes it interesting .
Keep up the good work .

#9 Sat, 12/20/2008 - 1:59am

COOL VIDEO. Lookin at all the video work on this site is beginning to make me look more at v-cams, mounts, components, etc. than paddling gear..

#10 Sat, 12/20/2008 - 3:41am

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#11 Tue, 11/20/2012 - 10:13pm

Sweet video! Anybody have any recommendations on reasonably priced video cameras that we could use to create videos like this? mahalo!

#12 Sun, 12/21/2008 - 5:59am

yea, a GoPro Hero, easy to use and relatively cheap for a waterproof camera/camcorder.

Also heaps of accessories to add on for different mounting options (theres one for bicycle handlebars that looks like it would mount on iakos very well).

Only a few more days till Christmas to get yourself one

#13 Sun, 12/21/2008 - 12:40pm

phqadd, go to the GoPro user forum there's a full review there.

And if you want Hi Def check out my 3 min paddling short

Cheers Rambo

#14 Sun, 12/21/2008 - 3:05pm

Rambo are you using filters on your HD cam ?

UV/ circular polarized etc. ?

Your recording are obviously top notch art.

Impressive editing with cuts matching the verse/chorus of the music in your teaser.

#15 Sun, 12/21/2008 - 3:20pm

Only uv filter mainly for lens protection from salt water spray.

The sound syncing with the cuts is mostly a fluke ...hahha, sometimes it just happens Ecky.


#16 Sun, 12/21/2008 - 5:06pm

Even better - it came out real nice.

I was exited about GoPro in the past; meanwhile the competition has caught up and I believe that Sanyo and Kodak both have a videocamera around $ 100 that may be a match.

I finally decided to ebay for a canon. Not waterproof and not as handy as the GoPro, but better imaging.

#17 Sun, 12/21/2008 - 8:47pm

The best part of the GoPro is that damn bullet proof casing, never fails. Most point and shoot digital still cams have better video quality, but the little GoPro does what it does well and is indestructable.


#18 Sun, 12/21/2008 - 10:41pm

For a cheaper option to get some fun video, Olympus puts out a great water proof camera that you can attach to your boat at many points. It won't be a HD production, but is easy to use and doesn't require a waterproof housing.

I have taken about 1 hr of video on a 2gb card and stock battery

Olympus Stylus 10.1MP Digital Camera (1030SW) -
It's waterproof, crush proof, freeze proof, and shock proof!

I have dropped mine from 6 feet, with no damage and still shoots fine.
Just another option for the beginner film maker.

#19 Tue, 12/23/2008 - 8:51am

Rambo, have you ever had the GoPro suction cup mount come loose under radical conditions. Do you back it up?

#20 Tue, 12/23/2008 - 9:51am

Never Jibofo, i had one on the Ama in the Fly Ama Competition at Cookies and it was slammed multiple times in full hulis, never moved. But i do put a leash on them just in case.

The suction mount has a pump lever to extract that last bit of air and i actually have a bit of trouble getting them off.

Might be different with Jnr going a t warp speed !!!!!!!


#21 Tue, 12/23/2008 - 10:03am

thanks, I'll rest easier. Going to try it on a run this afternoon.

#22 Tue, 12/23/2008 - 10:55am

Here's a link to my favorite motorcycle web forum where someone is selling two used Hero's. I have personally bought and sold many items for my BMW from guys on this website and they are as tight a community as the paddling groups. If you are in the market for one of these cameras, take a look:

I am not affiliated with this seller in any way, just want to pass along a good deal...

#23 Wed, 12/24/2008 - 11:45am

#24 Fri, 12/26/2008 - 3:37am

Looking at Justin's video (and Rambo's entries) and compare to Fuze's file link, you notice that the surfski video is a lot choppier (frame to frame) and not as smooth. If I'm looking at video equipment, what should I look for (and also avoid) to get the best video flow?

#25 Fri, 12/26/2008 - 3:52am

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