20th HAMILTON CUP News Update

As we are celebrating 20 years of outrigger canoe racing at the Coca-Cola
Hamilton Island Cup this year we are going to introduce a couple of new
events into the mix...

After a number of requests over the years we are going to run a Mixed Open
Division in 42km Marathon. Teams will have to be made up of a total of 10
paddlers with a maximum of 5 male paddlers per crew. All normal rules will
apply to the division and there will need to be more than 3 teams nominated
for medals to be awarded. There will be no prize money.

The second event we are introducing this year is the "Bolt Across The Bay".
As we are expecting such a large number of teams at this years event and
because of the time needed to run the 1000m sprints we are going to replace
them in the programme - for this year only! Instead we want to create a real
spectacle that will be enjoyed by everyone, paddlers and spectators, "The
Bolt Across The Bay". It will be a mass start for each division lining up on
Cateseye Beach heading straight out and across towards Whitsunday Island.
Two buoys will be placed close to Whitsunday Island 100m apart, the canoes
will round both these buoys before returning to Catseye Beach. First canoe
back to the beach wins. Distance 4km. Each division will have it's own
start. To add a bit of "colour" to the event we will also be awarding prizes
for the best dressed crew in each division. We think this event will be
awesome as everyone on the beach will be able to see all the action from
start to finish. As I mentioned before this is just a one off event for this
years celebration and should be great fun. We will return to normal
programming next year.

For more information on these events and all other events check out the


Colin & Jules
Race Administrators
Coca-Cola Hamilton Island Cup
20th Anniversary
13-16 June 2003

Hamilton Island
QLD Australia 4803

Ph: (07) 4946 8436
Fax: (07) 4946 8760
email: hamcup@whitsunday.net.au

Posted by keizo on Tue, 01/28/2003 - 11:10am

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