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Need some help. My husband recently did some work for someone who gave him a Stingray OC1. The ama and iakos it came with looks like it was slapped together, not worth trying to see if it can be salvaged. The hull is in excellent condition however we're now looking for the ama and iakos and also the foam seat. Paddling is still fairly new to us and we're hoping my son will be able to use this as soon as possible, he's 13yrs. 5' 9", 140lbs. Anyone know where we might be able to start looking for these items?


Submitted by lkmontez on Fri, 05/29/2009 - 12:16pm

Outrigger Connection (the manufacturer of the Stingray OC-1) uses the same iako shape/bend on all their current canoes and are pretty much inter-changeable. As far as an ama for it, not sure if a Fusion or Zephyr one would fit right or change how it sits on the water.

Your best bet would be to call/e-mail them and ask what your options are in getting another Stingray ama or if one of their current ones will work.

Phone: (808)261-8424
e-mail: canoes@outriggerconnectionhawaii.com

In the Classifieds of this forum, someone is selling a Zephyr style ama that might work if they (Outrigger Connection) say it can be used.

Also, might help to mention where you are located (i.e. Hawaii, Mainland, etc.) so that you can be helped in where to go or look.

#1 Fri, 05/29/2009 - 5:15pm

well, i wud definitely give them a call or head on over to the shop. Most amas and iakos are interchangable as far as i know, the amas are atleast for the fussion/fuze/zephyr series. I think the iakos are to, im not sure for the zephyr but definitely the fussion/fuze. The ama for the stingray is a bit different, i.e. the ama is a bit shorter, the iako snap pins are in a different place. The iakos maybe different lengths as well. However, Karel does still produce the Stingray 2 which if im not mistaken, uses the exact same ama AND iakos. If luck is on your side, he may just have an extra one lying around. But take it from someone whos been going to there shop often for some repairs to my fuze and just to talk, the Tresnak family is really nice. They are so helpful and really good people to talk to. They are very knowledgeable about there business and paddling, and are all around just good hearted people. If you happen to venture to Kailua Town, stop by and you'll see what i mean. The contact information is posted above by E7M. I hope you're living in the Hawaii/Oahu area. If not there are other locations around the world and contact info can be found here: http://occonnection.ipower.com/news/?page_id=12 But definitely give them a call about it, i garauntee you they will be very helpful.

Good Luck With your endeavors and hopefully your son can start racing as well!,


PS if anymore help is needed, feel free to PM me or any of the other members here, will be glad to help.

#2 Fri, 05/29/2009 - 8:15pm

The Stingray 2 (OC-2) ama is a lot bigger (has more volume, slight rocker difference) and not the same as the Stingray OC-1's ama. The ama for the Stingray has thumb screws for both the front and back and doesn't have snap pins like the Fusion/Zephyr ama.

Aluminum iakos are the same length, bend and shape though and removing the snap pin for the front iako on a Fusion/Zephyr iako would be needed if/when using a Viper, Mantra or Stingray ama.

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#3 Fri, 05/29/2009 - 11:02pm

whoa, you're totally right, thanks for the correction. my mistake, well definitely give the tresnaks a call! they will really be good help.

good luck,

#4 Sat, 05/30/2009 - 8:19pm

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