All Star Crews for Distance Season

I heard that Team Bradley has added a couple strong new recruits to their crew list.

Just wondering if other clubs are looking at Team Bradley as a fair team to go up against, if it's really a race for second place, or if another entity should step up and cross over the club loyaties to create another all star team to challenge them?

What's more important: winning the race regardless of club or doing your best with what assets your club already has?

Submitted by novice c on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 4:31pm

It all comes down to how fast do you want to get from point A to point B. If to just participate is your clubs goal, then your clubs immediate assets will be satisfactory. There are many paddlers however who want to do more then just participate. Fairness as you've alluded to is not in the equation. If you think it is, consider the OCC. They can only draw from OCC members. The boundaries of the Hui Lanakila and Beach Boy womens crews are only determined by how far each individual is willing to drive for practice. In Team Bradleys case, it's how far are they willing to fly to practice.

#1 Wed, 08/05/2009 - 9:06pm

interesting thoughts mr. c

i once used to be very anti Team Bradley. then one day i had the opportunity to hang out with one of the Bradley ladies. A couple of the things I learned from that night changed my views. Team Bradley was by no means an over night success. The ladies on that crew did indeed put in their dues for several years before they got over the hump and started winning. There are women on Team Bradley that have paddled with that team for many years (7 or more). If you judge a team by how long it keeps it's core members, then this length of tenure may be longer than paddlers on other competitive crews. Also these ladies obviously train their butts off. All of them push each other to train and improve.

Like KGB says, they choose to travel a great distance to race together. They may work out on different parts of the globe, but they are in the same program. So in a way, this does constitute a team.

Props to the Beach Boys too. They have created another kind of program over there. Their competitive Novice B and Novice A crews will help feed a very strong open team.

one thing's for sure, Team Bradley has an edge in the mental battle. everyone is wondering what they're going to do. Just like how everyone wonders what Tahitian men are coming up for the men's Moloka'i

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Definitely don't count out beach boys... this might be there year.
Very strong showing in states.

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If we take an example like the olympics, The US and any other country for that matter, They take the best talent they can, The 1980 US Hockey team was not a single group of guys from one rink. But a gathering of great talent to make a nation proud. In paddling if we continue to have this mentality that "clubs" need to stay in tack then how are we as the US going to make something special happen. The club dynamic can be very good for the local races, But when we start talking World Championships shouldn't we as a nation be trying to do whatever it takes to have that title?
On another dimension if paddler X on Team bradley trains with Team Y, Isn't there a draw for top paddlers to that club? Therefore buy association paddler X is supporting their club making them stronger.

#4 Thu, 08/06/2009 - 3:18pm

When was the last time an "all-star" team won the channel? 2001 NZ/Hawaii? And they paddled together for years before it really paid off. Talent and togetherness are equally important.

#5 Thu, 08/06/2009 - 5:01pm

Having paddled Regatta and Distance for the last 4 years with basically the same bunch of really old, but handsome guys, Jim's post is really something to consider. The talent and togetherness has worked for us.

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Bradley girls won the last 3 years in a row. Would shell count as an all star team? they are recruited and paid to be on the team!

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I am neither for nor against the hand selection of a crew for the purpose of securing a victory. Just curious to see how it is perceived by those clubs that are really trying to win, but haven't come close in recent years, and from club members who were left behind by paddlers who went to other crews for that purpose.

KGB- you are right on the money; you guys are as handsome as they come, and very talented as well.

Mr 9_0- true they weren't an overnight success, but neither would it be at any other club, so why leave?

#8 Fri, 08/07/2009 - 12:52am

Paddling is supposed to be fun. If paddling with those your equal, those you're friends with, or those that give you the potential to win (or place well) makes it fun for you... why not?

You might expect "loyalty" to a club from paddlers where the club has invested a lot into their individual development (through coaches, fellow paddlers, resources, etc.), but if the paddler has taken it upon themselves to reach certain heights or been pushed by other paddlers outside of their club I can't see holding it against them if they want to try to step-up their game to a higher level by joining another crew.

I respect those that stay with their club of origin, but have no problem with those that move on elsewhere. I think someone else posted it best here in another thread, "just no forget where you come from".

#9 Fri, 08/07/2009 - 12:11pm

six as one, you hit the nail on the head. paddling is fun.

i came to the realization about 10 years ago that i would never actually be a competitive paddler or win any race in Hawai'i. since then paddling has been much more fun for me. i only participate in races or training paddles in which i can either paddle with close friends/old high school team mates, paddle with the kids i help coach, or tag along with good buddies on a one man. that's it.

since i've made that decision i've been a much happier paddler. is this greedy? not sure. but in the past year i got to do a fun paddle from maui to oahu, paddle a one man from Hawai'i Kai to Ko Olina in the smokingest winds i've ever paddled in, race off of West Seattle, and do a surfing run in the Columbia River Gorge. Possibly the best year of paddling I've ever had.

Can't wait to see where next year takes me! So to make a long story even longer, do whatever is the most fun for you. Never mind what everyone else thinks.

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well said jc9_0.
one more post and you'll make 1000. Congratulations.

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In order to mitigate "All Star" crews, the present scoring system would need to change

The average age of the crew calculated with the crew's finishing time will equal the placement rank.

Golden Master crews would forgo their youngest paddler(s) age to equal 9 paddlers.

The registration form would designate a place for name, dob, age, and proof of photo i.d. and age.

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"Our goal is to have fun," Team Primo paddler Kai Bartlett said. "The club thing is great. I'm not against paddling for a club... we want to see what we can do with a group of friends."

I'm liking this guy more and more.

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