Feb 1st - Hanohano Ocean Challenge SoCal #5 - California

2/9- Update: Photos courtesy of Gary C. Great turn out for the SoCal Winter Series Race 5 in San Diego. Read more for results.
***Danny Ching & Vicki Mills win OC-1 divisions

by Dan Van Dyck

Thank You for your participation.
Today, Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club hosted another successful Surfski,
Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard race in Mission Bay, San Diego, California.
Among the field of competitors from all paddling disciplines and walks
of life were Olympic Kayakers a number of National level Canoeists and
kayakers and Olympic hopefuls representing the San Diego Junior Olympic
Program and Newport Aquatic center. The weather cooperated completely
and a approx 175 paddlers enjoyed one of the few opportunities available
for this type of competition in San Diego.

Highlights include the winners in the Surfski Long Course division ,
Sean Brenner, Cliff Meidl (2000 Olympian) and Andrew McEwan (National
Team Wild Water pPaddler) and the winner of the women's Surfski
division, Deanne Hemmens (Olympian), and Morgan Feori (Olympic
Hopeful...18 yrs old) and her partner Jeane Mijalis Winning the Tandem
Surfski division . The OC-1 division for the men was lead by Danny Ching
, Jacob Abeytia and Craig Williams while Vicki Mills, Dru Van Hengel and
Jill Schuler headed up the field of top women competitors. The team of
Kamfunak/Grourk were the top men OC-2, Mary Kay Schmidt and Susan Wynn(
A.K.A. the "wonder Twins") won the OC-2 women's division and the team of
Larkin/Saier won Mixed OC-2.

Our future Olympians and Paddleboarders fought some good battles on the
short course. The Juniors were lead by Jason Burrows, Chris Toombs ,
Jennifer Burke and Melissa Smith. Worthy of special note are the
following K-1/C-1 paddlers who range in age from 10 - 14 yrs; Gavin
Miller,Armando Vargas, Omar Jimenez, Max Schoenfeld, , Nick Bersudsky,
Vander Corliss, , Alejandra Ocasio, Paige Bixler, Katie Holly and Malory
Kanaeho all who placed in their divisions. These competitors are the
future of Olympic Kayaking in the USA.

The top three paddleboard finishers were Kyle Daniels,Matt Jackson and
Manny Granillo who all paddled Unlimited Boards. Tom Duryea, Theodore
Frank and Darryl Swensen lead the 12' Stock Division . Jon Loren won the
14' division. Anne Pippin, Ramona Driola and Alison Terry led a strong
field of women who raced the 4 mile course...way to go! Outrigger
paddlers of note were Al Ching OC-1 and Mindy Clark OC-1. The winner of
the Surfski division was John DePalma visiting from Washington.

Special thanks to our returning sponsor RipCurl for their continued
support and to Pick Up Stix Restaurant who provided an excellent post
race meal. Recognition and thanks should also go to those sponsors who
have always supported our event with product for the raffle: Dakine, Dri
Release, OC-6 Unlimited, Kialoa Paddles, Mudbrook Paddles, Paddle Me
Sportswear, Bully's Surf Equipment, Eaton Paddleboards and Hansen's Surf
Shop Encinitas. I encourage everyone to think of our sponsors when
making paddling related purchases. Hanohano Club members are responsible
for this well run event, especially; Susan Wynn, Robin Maclean, Cheance
Adair, Jeanette & Colina Houcke, Angela Eastvold, Cyndy Young, Rona
Mitra, Rhonda Suzuki, Suzanne Serafin and Leslie Yasakuchi and Rena and
Egon Horcajo who kept a watchful eye as they headed the Safety Boat
Crew. Thank You.

For Full results:
Long Course, Short Course, & Paddle Board Results.

Official Results Hanohano Ocean Challenge Feb. 01, 2003
Mission Bay, San Diego, Calif.

Short Course 4 miles:

Bantam boys K-1 (12 & under):
Gavin Miller
Armando Vargas
Omar Jimenez
Junior Boys K-1 (14 & under):
Nick Bersudsky
Vander Corlis
Juvinile Boys (19 & under):
Jason Burrows
Chris Toombs
Jim Spoto
C-1 Boys:
Omar Jimenez
Will Michelson
Bantam girls K-1 (12 & under):
Alejandra Ocasio
Paige Bixler
Junior girls K-1 (14 & under):
Katie Holly
Mallory Kanaeho
Juvinile girls (19 & under):
Jennifer Burke
Melissa Smith
Sonya Bersudsky
OC-1 Men
Al Ching
Aaron Hauser
Surfski Men
John De Palma (K-1)
Les Hopper
OC-1 Women
Tracy Carman
Ralene Movins
OC-2 Women

Official Results Hanohano Ocean Challenge Feb. 01, 2003
Mission Bay, San Diego, Calif.

Long Course 10 Miles:

Surfski Men:
Sean Brenner
Cliff Meidl
Andrew McEwan
Master Men Surfski
Brian Kummer
Brian Demsey
Brian Chadwell
Surfski Women:
Deanne Hemmens
Alexandra Wilson
Tandem Surfski
Bader/Pua (mixed)
OC-1 Men
Danny Ching
Jacob Abeytia
Craig Williams
OC-1 Women
Vicki Mills
Dru Van Hengel
Jill Schooler
OC-2 Men
OC-2 Women
Schmidt/Wynn(Wonder Twins)
OC-2 Mixed

Official Results Hanohano Ocean Challenge Feb. 01, 2003
Mission Bay, San Diego, Calif.

Short Course 4 Miles:

Stock Paddleboard:
Tom Duryea
Theodore Frank
Darryl Swensen

Paddleboard 14'
Jon Loren
Guillarme Escargal
Joe Banner

Paddleboard Unlimited
Kyle Daniels
Matt Jackson
Manny Granillo

Paddleboard Masters 40 +
Jim Montalbo
Geoff Paige
Tim Ritter

Paddleboard Sr. Master 50+
Jack Bailey
Mike Eaton
Frank Hotchkis

Paddleboard Women
Anne Pippin
Ramona Driola
Alison Terry

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