A.J. McDanold Long Distance - Big Island

Keauhou Canoe Club hosted the 24th Annual A.J. McDanold Long Distance race yesterday. Crews from clubs from every corner of the island congregated in Keauhou Bay to participate.

Women’s crews and mixed crews raced an eight mile course from Keauhou Bay to Casa De Emdeko and back. The men’s crews raced a ten-mile course from Keauhou Bay to the Coast Guard buoy in Kailua Bay and back.

Conditions were calm and hot with a small south-west swell that gave some help on the first half of the course. The highlights of the short course race were provided by two crews from Waikoloa Canoe Club, who, after paddling for over an hour, raced to the finish line within one second of each other. In the long course race the first four crews battled the entire way and provided an exciting finish with all completing the course within one minute of each other.

Many crews were using this race as part of their preparation for the Queen Liliuokalani race three weeks from now.

1.      Kai Opua         1:06:08         1st Women Open
2.      Keauhou         1:08:13         1st Mixed Masters (40)
3.      Keoua         1:09:37         1st Women Koa
4.      Kai Opua         1:09:53         1st Women Masters (40)
5.      Keauhou         1:10:41         2nd Women Open
6.      Kai Opua         1:10:49         1st Women Kupuna (55)
7.      Kai Ehitu         1:11:29         2nd Mixed Masters (40)
8.      Keauhou         1:11:46         2nd Women Kupuna (55)
9.         Keaukaha       1:11:55         3rd Women Open
10.         Kamehameha 1:13:48         4th Women Open
11.         Kamehameha 1:14:01         2nd Women Masters (40)
12.    Waikoloa         1:14:39         5th Women Open
13.    Waikoloa         1:14:40         1st Mixed Open
14.         Keaukaha       1:15:45         6th Women Open
15.    Keauhou         1:15:57         7th Women Open
16.    Keauhou         1:16:48         2nd Mixed Open
17.         Keaukaha       1:17:25         3rd Mixed Open
18.    Keoua         1:18:17         7th Women Open
19.    Kai Ehitu         1:18:44         3rd Woman Masters (40)
20.    Keauhou         1:19:22         1st Women Senior Masters (50)
21.    Waikoloa         1:19:25         4th Women Masters (40)
22.    Keoua         1:25:12         1st Women Open Class
23.    Keoua         1:27:48         3rd Women Kupuna (55)
1st Mixed Open         Waikoloa        
(Scott Ferry, Edith Goertz, Ryan Heis, Madeleine Turner, April Clifford, Raleigh Loando)          
1st Mixed Masters         Keauhou
(Terry Trinidad, Debra Trinidad, Christine Uding, Moke Hauanio, Leslie Woods, Lorrin Ching)
1st Women Open Kai Opua        
(Mel Kelekolio, Darcy Daniel, Leann Demello, Nicola Fernandez, Tia Ulafaleilupe, Dondi Dawson)
1st Women Koa  Keoua    
(Danielle Ho, Carol Farkas, Patty Eames, Jacque Wickum, Marsha Isaacs, Malia Gaspar)
1st Women Masters (40)         Kai Opua        
(Ronona Della Cioppa, Mary Jo Bye, Kathleen Leahy, Nancye Capri, Leila Duim, Nancy Concepcion)
1st Women Senior Masters (50)   Keauhou
(Pam Lindo, Jan Gerry, Beev Schorr, Barbara Lasich, Nancy Collins, Mel Gray)
1st Women Kupuna (55)         Kai Opua        
(Carol Clifford, Susan Lalanne, Linda Lee O’Dell, Beck Walton, Susan Shaw, Sari Lassiter)
1st Women Open Class         Keoua    
(Bianca Shoultz-Wallace, Hadley Catalano, Harmony Personius, Ailean Khavshay, Jade Sperry, Dassalyn Clarke)
LONG COURSE (10 Miles)
1.         Keauhou/Team West Hawai’i         1:17:14         1st Men Open
2.      Keauhou         1:17:20         2nd Men Open
3.         Keaukaha       1:17:39         3rd Men Open
4.      Keauhou         1:18:02         1st Men Senior Masters (50)
5.      Kona Athletic         1:22:37         1st Men Open Class
6.      Kai Ehitu         1:23:34         4th Men Open
7.      Kai Ehitu         1:24:34         5th Men Open
8.      Kai Opua         1:25:11         6th Men Open
9.      Keauhou         1:25:14         1st Men Kupuna (55)
10.         Kamehameha 1:25:39         7th Men Open
11.         Kamehameha 1:27:44         8th Men Open
12.    Keoua         1:29:37         2nd Men Open Class
13.    Keoua         1:31:31         1st Men Koa
14.    Keauhou         1:32:01         1st Men Masters (40)
15.    Kai Opua         1:33:37         9th Men Open
16.    Waikoloa         1:34:46         10th Men Open
17.    Keoua         1:36:49         2nd Men Kupuna (55)
18.         Keaukaha       1:42:49         1st Men Kupuna Nui (60)
19.    Kai Opua         1:51:16         3rd Men Kupuna (55)
1st     Men Open         Keauhou/Team West Hawai’I
(Liam Powers, Yasu Tanaka, Keola Lindsey, Ivan McIvor, Ian Hamar, Eddie Hayward)
1st     Men Koa         Keoua
(Jim Underwood, Rafael Ramirez, Criag Clarke, Ric Bennet, Al LaRosa, Kauila Ho)
1st     Men Masters (40)         Keauhou
(Ricky Beaudet, Rupert Adarme, Brian Kaneoeau, Don Wier, Lorrin Ching, Reggie Lindo)
1st     Men Senior Masters (50)   Keauhou
(George Abood, Gary Capri, Lambert Lee Loy, Paul Daugherty, Barry Francis, Egon Horcajo)
1st     Men Kupuna (55)         Keauhou
(Bob Bruce, Bruce Clifford, Mel Pau’ole, Vern Magnussen, Paul Aguirre, Moke Paikuli)
1st     Men Kupuna Nui (60)         Keaukaha
(Stan Roehrig, Geral Granger, Ron Reily, Niels Christensen, Earl Nakashima, James Nani’ole)
1st     Men Open Class         Kona Athletic Club
(Grant Kojima, Sean Sommers, Marc Farinas, Jarret Aguiar, Mark Evans, Bill Rosehill)

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