Feb 8 & 9 - Islamorada Outrigger Challenge - Florida

by Mary L.
Wow!!! what a turn out for the largest Florida Outrigger Event held
in Islamorada Florida Keys...

The weather & location was Truly AWESOME.

Saturdays 0c-6 Race course,12 mile from whale harbor around windley
Key, Atlantic ocean to gulf side, looping through two bridges and
finishing back on the Ocean side.

Sundays Oc-1 similar course set to 8 mile.

Many thanks to all of those who attended especially the out of state
paddlers from California, Conneticut, New York, Maryland & Texas.

Super big thanks to the florida clubs (Florida Competition Paddlers,
Lanakila Occ, Jupiter Occ, Hui Lai Makani occ, Space Coast Paddlers,
& A'noka occ, for all the support in making this a spectacular event
memorable and worth repeating.

Special Congratulations to Space Coast Paddlers for a unique team of
Father & Son and to Devon Anthony for his first time on an Oc-1.


Mens 1st Lanakila Occ 1:54:28
Mens 2nd Space Coast Paddlers 1:58:54
Mens 3rd Florida Competiton Paddlers 2:00:21
Mens 4th Hui Lai Makani Occ 2:05:17

Mens Intermediate 1st Flordia Competion Paddlers 2:27:35

Womens 1st Hui Lai Makani Occ 2:21:18

Mix Crew 1st Florida Competiton Paddlers 1:57:27
Mix Crew 2nd A'nokoa Occ 2:00:36
Mix Crew 3rd Jupiter Occ 2:02:36
Mix Crew 4th Texas Occ 2:05:46

Mens Oc-1 1st Courtland Reilly 1:33:01
Mens Oc-1 2nd Arthur Cholakis 1:34:23
Mens Oc-1 3rd Bill Brannum 1:38:31
Mens 0c-1 4th Gary Myers 1:43:21
Mens Oc-1 5th Devon Anthony 1:59:45

Womens Oc-1 1st Louise Vadalia 1:47:00
Womens Oc-1 2nd Nancy Kaplan 1:47:42
Womens Oc-1 3rd Linda Lewis 1:56:42
Womens Oc-1 4th Meilani Kanekoa 2:00:28

Thanks again for the great turn out & warm aloha everyone brought.
See you next year,Mary

Posted by keizo on Sun, 02/09/2003 - 11:39pm

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