Blue Makua Race Results

Place   Club            Overall     Time
1   Manu O Ke Kai       1       1:32:56
    Crew:  Ed Lemire, DJ Oga, Henry Lopez, Ron Barron, John Hoogsteden, Tomas Schlotman

2   Waikiki Yacht Club  2       1:33:04
    Honolulu Pearl      Did not finish
    New Hope        Did not finish

1   Waimanalo       3       1:34:09 
    Crew:  Miner Lii, Bernard Paloma, Boy Kalama, Dennis Sallas, Kaai Fernandez, Raymond Lii

2   Lanikai         4       1:41:59 
3   Anuenue         5       1:48:46
    Manu O Ke Kai       Did not finish

1   Keahiakahoe     6       1:57:30 
    Crew:  Ashford Delima, Raoul Canario Jr., Ralph Akutagawa, Amah Ouye, Vinson Gerona, Norman Kahale

2   Anuenue         7       2:00:00
    Lanikai         Did not finish

1   Manu O Ke Kai       5       24:02
    Crew:  Folly Murdock, Greg Koop, Wendell DeFreitas, Eddie Tseu, Jane Duncan, Deidre Erikson

2   Keahiakahoe     7       24:33
3   Honolulu Pearl      8       25:11
4   Team Dezi       9       25:55
5   Keala           11      27:18


1   Hawaiian Kanaktion  1       22:08
    Crew:  Reina Garcia, Iacqueun Venuta, Jeff Metzger, Reed Sumner, Tiare Finney, Raymond Lii

2   Hawaiian CC     4       23:52
3   Keahiakahoe     6       24:19 
    Hawaiian Outrigger  Did not finish
1   Hawaiian Kanaktion  2       22:25
    Crew:  Jill Dawrs, Katy Bourne, Lois Wise, Jane McKee, Midge Horwood, Laola Lake

2   Fast & Fabulous     3       22:59
3   Keahiakahoe     10      26:57
4   Manu O Ke Kai       12      27:36
5   Waikiki Yacht Club  13      30:00

Posted by keizo on Sat, 10/22/2005 - 7:27pm


why so many dnf's?

#1 Sat, 10/22/2005 - 7:47pm

In reply to the question about why there were so many dnf's at Blue Makua's race is due to the GNARLY conditions of a high surf advisory and whipping winds. In the morning the conditions were small and glassy but changed minute by minute. Once they sent the men out it only went from good to bad to worse. At first the women were GUNG HO while waiting for the men's race to finish. That enthusiasm quickly wained as we learned that one canoe was totally lost at sea, another limped in underwater, others turned back(wisely). With every rise and fall of the outside channel buoy, along with the feathering sets at Avalanche, everyone began rethinking the wisdom of taking crews out in such radical conditions. Hats off to Randy Sandborn who made the call to race the mixed and women's crews in the channel. I don't think anyone was disappointed. Gilbert (who I believe might have been the owner of that canoe) had a great attitude about his loss. He just chuckled and said "Oh well...bruddah Blue is riding it now." Manu O ke Kai did a great job and were great hosts. Mahalo nui ia 'oukou.

#2 Mon, 10/24/2005 - 12:35pm

As a post script to the above article....I just found out that Gilbert's boat was finally located outside of Mokuleia. That's some interesting information to put into the data bank.....a canoe full of water to drift that far....from Leftovers not far from Waimea Bay. The canoe is cracked beyond repair....I hope everyone supports his fundraising efforts next year.

#3 Wed, 10/26/2005 - 10:47am

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