Treasure Island OC6 Race Results - Oct 30, Florida

We had seven Florida entries and one New York entry for the Treasure Island Classic on Sunday the 30th. The highlight of the day was seeing the two woman's crews finish in a near photo finish as everyone cheered them on from the shore. After a neck to neck battle for 11.5 miles the New York ladies finished second ahead of the Florida crew.
The Outrigger Outreach men's team lead by John Edwards took first place overall defeating three other men's Outreach teams as well as a Miami and Ft. Lauderdale team.

Treasure Island OC6 Race Results
Sunday, October 30, 2005
Distance ~ 11.5 miles

1- 1st Men OC6 - Outrigger Outreach - 1:32:31
John Edwards Karl Vogel Burch Baskett
Claude Arnould Jean Raas Ken Streb

2- 2nd Men OC6 - Outrigger Outreach - 1:33:17
Cortland Reilly Lex Raas Jim Lewis
Shawn Wilber Mike Holland Ben Stillman

3- 3rd Men OC6 - Outrigger Outreach - 1:34:15
Mike Zajak Batell Reid Hyle Yves Cartier
Deven Anthony Larry Frederick Roy Zweeres

4- 4th Men OC6 (1st East Coast) Kana Lui Miami - 1:36:31
Michael Sieber Tim Streeter Robert Beans
Dennis Guluzy Lawrence Terry Miguel Flores

5- 5th Men OC6 (2nd East Coast) Lana Kila Iki - 1:44:06
John Kee Mike Regan Ryan Smith
Viriamu Joinvil Brian oleman Arthur Cholakas

6- 1st Men OC6 Intermediate - Outrigger Outreach - 1:57:12
Arthur Morales Chad McFall David Dunlap
Lewis Bayers Sonya Stoa Tom Hanlon

7- 1st Women OC6 Master - New York Outrigger Club - 2:05:36
Tori Butt Lucy March Dee Sawers
Alice Brown Susan Skinner Pat Loret De Mola

8- 1st Women OC6 Open - Outrigger Outreach - 2:06:13
Kathy Edwards Aly Leggett Liz Juroe
Rea Sieber Eron Lee Tonya Streinz

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