Ho’ilo Ocean Challenge and Poipu Beach Surfing Canoe Meet

After much talk about having an ocean multi sport event, ideas were finally put into action and the verdict is in . . . the event was a HUGE SUCCESS! The day’s events included an ocean triathlon, a 4 man regatta and a canoe surfing contest.

The contestants of the first Ho‘ilo Ocean Competition and second Poipu Beach Canoe Surfing Contest agree . . . they can’t wait a whole year to have so much fun. Organizers hope to hold a similar event in the summer, the Kauwela Ocean Challenge. Normally, its at this point in reporting of an event that one would go into the details of the day. HOWEVER, we want to deviate from the “norm” and give priority to the many individuals and companies who either directlly or indirectly contributed to the success of the day. Mahalo to the following sponsors for their generous support of this trend setting event: Kai Kane, Poipu Beach Broiler, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Seasport Divers, Bud Light, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Progressive Expressions, HYPR Canoes, Unlimited Construction, Smartworks, Garden Island SurfSchool, Kauai ATV, Da Life, XCEL, Island Paddler, Kauai Marriott, Anara Spa, Kukuiula Land Development, One Hour Photo, Niumalu CC, West Kauai Surf, Ainofea, DaBooz Shop and Koloa Natural Foods, the judges, timers, registrars, emcees, and many others whospent their entire day unselfishly helping out. Mahalo also to all the off island competitors who supported the event including Jane Mckee, Heidi Gutgesell , Matt Buckman, Kelly Foster, Andrew Penny, David Kalama, Luke Evslin and others. If we missed anyone, please let us know.The day began with the Ho’ilo Ocean triathlon, a 1.5 mile OC-1 paddle, a .75 mile swim and a 1.0 mile paddleboard leg. There were two divisions, solo (wahine/kane) and team. On paper the course layout seemed short. In reality it turned out to be a real butt kicker. It began with a headwind sprint to Makahuena Point followed by a swim course that began in one bay through a surf zone around a surf point into another bay. Swimmers were fighting currents through surf zones as well as a draining long shore current. The paddleboard was upwind with a short down wind run towards shore. Contestants confused with the tricky course were jokingly encouraged to just “follow the old guy with white hair.”

Congratulations to the overall first place winners team Steve Cole and Ernie deSilva (old guy with white hair) and iron winners Laurie Denton and Kamuela Aea. The top three finishers used stock paddleboards, so honorable mention goes out to those who used other boards.

The transition to the canoe surfing competition, included fun 4 man canoe races. The rule was one paddler had to use a broom as a paddle. Everyone thought this was a great, fun activity to get crews ready for the 4 man canoe surfing team competition. The ocean cooperated with some very challenging surf throughout the afternoon. This year’s event brought out twice as many teams as last year ,showing the sport’s growing popularity on the Garden Island. Teams were judged on length of ride, tricks and steersmanship. Competition was close between all the teams for the entire day. Spectators were treated to an exciting show of steep takeoffs, imaginative tricks, and various swamps and huli’s. In the end it was the Poipu Haole Boys narrowly beating out Marvin’s Maniacs by one point to win the event. Honorable mention goes out to the Hut Ho’s, the all woman crew who advanced to the semi finals.

Top 3 canoe surfing teams
1. Poipu Haole Boys (Todd Dorny,Mike Thompson, Ramon Ramirez, Paul Frazier)
2. Marvins Maniacs (Steve Cole, Marshall Macready, Jane McKee, Matt Buckman)
3. Kauai Beachboys(Joe Currameng,Darren Augustin,Greg Davis and Brandon)

Best dressed
Kauai 5-0
Steve Baker,Del Seager, Eric Rafter, Paul Frazier

Best wipeout
Chicks Who Flip (plus one floater)
Tracey Capman, Greg Meyers, Emiko Ryan, Laola Lake-Aea

Honorable mention-all wahine
Hut Ho’s
Jane McKee, Heidi Gutgesell, Jody Kjeldsen, Laola Lake-Aea

Winner of the 4man regatta (broom race)
Roy Yamagata, Joy Chow, Chris Kauwe, Keola Potts
2nd place Luke Evslin, Kelly Foster, Joe Currameng,
Greg Davis (most creative use of broom!)

Top 10 Finishers of Ocean Challenge
1. 47:53 Steve Cole (OC-1) / Ernie DaSilva (swim and paddleboard)
2. 49:18 Mark McDonald (OC-1) / Jason Dameron (swim and paddleboard)
3. 53:16 Kamuela Aea
4. 53:25 Eric Rafter
5. 53:50 Chris Acoba (OC-1), Sanoe Hookano (swim), Keola Potts (paddleboard)
6. 54:40 Robin Jumper (OC-1), Mike Hutton(swim ,Leroy Jumper (paddleboard)
7. 54:50 Luke Evslin
8. 55:52 Greg Davis (OC-1), Marlo Merano (swim), Darren Agustin (paddleboard)
9. 60:30 Laurie Denton
10.62:13 Beth Barcalow (OC-1), Roy Yamagata (swim), Chris Kauwe(paddleboard)

Posted by keizo on Wed, 11/16/2005 - 7:14pm

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