Race 2 of Hobie Series at Treasure Island, Florida

[Photos] courtesy Lex Raas
Race 2 of Series 2 was held Sunday in exquisite Florida conditions. Entries (30) were slightly down but this was expected as many folks were spending the Thanksgiving weekend away with family, Florida basked in 80 deg weather while snow was falling up North !

The course set provided for some upwind work and downwind work, if one worked hard rides were to be found.

On the long course Reid Hyle won the Surfski division, Harry Mountain won the OC1 division with Michael Maddux doing very well in his Sea Kayak

On the short course Bob Terbush put up a great time followed by Lewis Bayers.

One of the competitors on a Sea Kayak swamped and it was fantastic to see fellow competitors stop racing and provide assistance, some great seamanship was shown by all concerned and it is very gratifying to know that safety was at the front of everyone's minds, congratulations to all of those that stopped and provided assistance and support ! Those that stopped to help joined the race in at the approximate position on the return run and in my opinion results remained pretty much as they would have.

Special mention to the Veterans, 7 in total, we admire all of you.

Thank you to Leslie Sides and Carol Raas for taking times.

Race 3 for this Series will be geld in February, plenty of time for every one to get faster, we look forward to a great race.

Thank you to all of the sponsors :- Hobie Cat Company (hobiecat.com)Epic Kayaks (epickayaks.com), Hurricane Outrigger Canoes (crazypaddlers.com), The Moorings (moorings.com), Grand Expeditions International (grandex.com), Crazypaddlers (crazypaddlers.com), Kialoa Paddles (crazypaddlers.com) and support from Architectural Windows and Entries (architecturalwindows.com), Jean Larroux of Caldwell Banker, Bill Brannum and Daryn Smith

Long Course 9.2 Miles
Finish  Competitor               Elapsed Time   Position Class
1       Reid Hyle                   1:23:00        1     SS Open Men
2       Rob Mirlenbrink             1:25:52        2     SS Open Men
3       Lonn Benson                 1:30:05        1     SS Masters Men
4       Harry Mountain              1:32:18        1     OC1 Masters Men
5       JP Atherholt                1:32:38        3     SS Open Men
6       Sean Wilber                 1:32:46        4     SS Open Men
7       Andy Gerber                 1:33:07        1     SS Seniors Men
8       John Edwards                1:33:14        1     OC1 Open Men
9       Lex Raas                    1:34:15        1     OC1 Seniors Men
10      Cortland Reilly             1:37:25        2     OC1 Masters Men
11      Michael Maddux              1:38:17        1     SK Open Men
12      David Robertshaw            1:39:36        2     SS Masters Men
13      Michael Hoffman             1:40:28        3     SS Masters Men
14      Jean Raas                   1:42:40        2     OC1 Open Men
15      Paul Mehring                1:45:20        1     SK Senior Men
16      Stanley Holoquist           1:47:12        1     SK Veteran Men
17      Bob Dean                    1:47:35        2     SK Veteran Men
18      Mike Zajac-Batell           1:47:56        2     OC1 Seniors Men
19      E S Francavilla             1:47:59        1     SK 2 Open
20      Karl Vogel                  1:48:38        3     OC1 Seniors Men
21      Karen Mirlenbrink           1:49:00        1     SS Open Female
22      Peter Eichenberger          1:49:45        3     SK Veteran Men
23      Mike Sieber                 1:57:20        1     OC1 Veterans Men
24      Tonya Streinz               1:58:50        1     OC1 Open Female
25      Mike Holland                2:03:32        2     OC1 Veterans Men
dnf     John Keaveny                                     SK Veteran Men
dnf     Bob Murphy                                       SS Open Men

Short Course 5.5 Miles
Finish  Competitor               Elapsed Time   Position Class

1       Bob Terbusch                1:15:50        1     OC1 Veterans Men
2       Lewis Bayers                1:18:27        1     OC1 Senior Men
3       Nigel Hood                  1:23:26        1     SS Open Men
4       Brenda Hood                 1:23:45        1     OC1 Open Female

Posted by keizo on Sun, 11/27/2005 - 5:10pm

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