Wilder Canoes' Pulsar OC-?

I was breezing through the August '03 Pacific Paddler Mag this afternoon and saw an ad for Wilder Canoes' Vantage. Right below the ad was another ad by Wilder Canoes for their new "Pulsar." The ad states, "Puslar incorporates race-proven features of its Polaris predecessor." I can't even tell from the ad whether this is an OC-1 or OC-2 or other.

Anybody have information on this canoe?

Submitted by Snarfblat on Thu, 11/06/2003 - 5:56pm

this is what i've heard through the grapevine, so anyone out there with the correct info, please correct me. basically the pulsar is the polaris, with a few changes to the deck, but pretty much the same nonetheless. i think steve blythe lost the case between him and kai, thus the re-naming. again, this is what i've heard through someone who's visited him.

#1 Thu, 11/06/2003 - 7:28pm

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