Anyone know where to find info about local(Oahu) paddleboarding races? I think the season is coming up during the summer months. Wondering when and where they are. Maybe someone out there has links to an info page? :? Any info is appreciated...

Submitted by jc9_0 on Tue, 03/09/2004 - 3:59pm

jc9 0. you shouldnt paddleboard. you should just paddle canoe instead. Go to practice at WYC. they are waiting for you.

#1 Tue, 03/09/2004 - 5:55pm

Paddleboarding info is hard to come by until the season actually starts. The race schedule seems to get posted fairly late (everyone is still busy surfing the north shore). Enclosed is a link to the North Shore Lifeguards page. They sponsor most of the races and usually have a schedule out sooner than other places. The Outrigger Canoe Club generally has one of the first races with their summer surf race, and may have info on their web site. I think Hennessey's is planning on sponsoring another race this year (it was an awesome event!)... Also, you can race paddleboard division in the Kanaka I Kaika races (short course). There are 4 races left... I will have to miss this paddleboard season, as I will be deploying mid to late June. Good luck!

#2 Wed, 03/10/2004 - 1:48pm

thanks for the tips hanshead...

#3 Mon, 03/15/2004 - 5:17pm

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