Kaku Elua vs. Stingray

I have an opportunity to buy one of the two boats above. Not sure which one to get ! The Elua is a new double carbon boat and I should have a chance to paddle it this weekend.
The Stingray is also double Carbon , Has a slight flaw now being repaired, and I will not get a chance to paddle it before someone snaps up the Elua.
The Stingray is much cheaper because of the repaired seam.

Does anyone have any advise.....
I am six foot two, 208 lbs. and paddle in Canadian waters.

Thanks in advance for any comments


Submitted by mangisepik on Thu, 07/08/2004 - 8:07am

If the Stingray is built in Canada run and run fast!!
I've heard and read about a lot of horror stories from owners of Canadian Stingrays. I see in another posting that the plant is closing too. Why buy a canoe that has a blown seam? and who's to say they can fix it right?

Dont get me wrong, Stingray is an awesome ride. Great lines, good surfing and is a big guys canoe. With that said the Kaku is a nice ride as well. I've paddled the Ellua and liked it at lot. I didnt like the way the ama attached but thats small stuff. I bought the Stingray over the Ellua because I was told that the Kaku is not a big guys ride but I dont know if I agree with that now. I've see a few big guys move those canoes real well. Actually I was in Victoria Canada last month and saw a big guy paddling a Kiamana and he was moving it.
Do your homework on Canadian Stingrays.

#1 Fri, 07/09/2004 - 6:36am

Thanks for your comments Paddler. I ended up getting the Elua and so far am pretty stoked with the boat. The fact that I could get a dbl. carbon Kaku here on my doorstep in Victoria Canada, without even waiting was pretty cool !!!
( many thanks to Ryan at Pogue Sports )

I do have one concern though..... The other day we went on a down wind run in mixed up 2-3 ft. chop and the whole way I was paddling and leaning on the left side to keep from huliing the boat !

Is it me, or is the Elua extremely tippy ...... Maybe 208 lbs. is to heavy and I am weighing the hull down thus making the boat lean right.... On the other hand I may just need a hell of a lot more experience on the Elua.
( my previous experience is in C-lions which I find to be very stable to the point where I lean right to lighten the ama )

Does anyone have comments or suggestions ..... Thanks

#2 Mon, 07/19/2004 - 8:43pm

The Kaku is tippy but when you learn to relax your hips and let the waves roll the boat under you it is not bad.
I've seen guys hop on this boat, fly the ama, and comment on its amazing balance and feel.
Mind you when the 3 footers hit I have been sideways and the ama is a good friend!
It s a great surfing boat and built us larger paddlers for sure!

#3 Tue, 07/20/2004 - 8:00am

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