Please help me learn more!

I just got my first look at an outrigger canoe online last night. I think it was a Stingray, but my what a beautiful craft!

My background is thirty-something years of sailing and 5 years of sea kayaking. How do these boats compare and what is it like to paddle them?
How fast? How far? Single blade paddle I guess? Is it as good a workout as it looks like? Who makes 'em? Web sites?

I apologize for all the questions. I live on a secluded large Texas lake and was about the first to sail on it and almost the first to kayak it. My best source of info for kayaking has been the web & I hope to learn more about this sport in the same way because as usual, nobody else is doing what I'm interested in around here!

Any and all information will be appreciated!
Thank you!

Submitted by windancer on Mon, 07/12/2004 - 1:52pm

Some of your questions are answered here:

Decent collection of outrigger links:

Texas Outrigger

I paddle on a large lake as well, Lake Ontario, and it's a blast, so don't let lack of ocean get in a way, it's a great sport....

#1 Tue, 07/13/2004 - 3:34am

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