Shipping OC-1 from Hawaii

I'm looking for info, contacts, and reasonable rates, for shipping my OC-1 to Puerto Rico. Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Submitted by Rafael on Tue, 08/03/2004 - 10:53am

be careful with it... build it a nice tightly fitting box, i think that canoes get crushed or in some way damaged like half the time when they get shipped over the pacific.. thats all i know

#1 Tue, 08/03/2004 - 10:20pm

KAKU shipped my Kaimana from HI to Vancouver by air. It was packed in a round sono tube and arrived with no damage at all. The tube was 30"x23' (approx.) Probly best to have one of the canoe builders ship it for you. They've been through it and know what needs to be done.


#2 Wed, 08/04/2004 - 4:35am

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