looking for OC-2 with open cockpit (sit in)

iam looking for an OC2 with an open cockpit. Do you have any suggestions? or know an manufacture?

Submitted by seaside on Tue, 08/17/2004 - 9:01pm

An outfit up here in Canada, Kayak Sport Canada, has a sit-in OC-2. I haven't paddled one, but I'm one of a half dozen guys who bought the OC-1 version of the same boat this spring, and we've all been happy with our boats.

More info can be found at:


Note that these prices are in $ CDN, divide by 1.3 if you're south of the 49th.

#1 Fri, 08/20/2004 - 2:28am

Just curious - Why? 8)

#2 Fri, 08/20/2004 - 7:10pm

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