I'm looking for paddler input on the Pahoa. I've read the article and the boat sounds pretty interesting. Mahalo.....

Submitted by ocean98383 on Mon, 08/30/2004 - 5:22pm

i've never used it but i heard that all these new small boats are becoming so similar and ride so much alike that you should base your decision on comfort and on how long its going to take to get it.... i think that the pegasus is kind of the leader of the new generation of littler canoes and that they're all compared to that.. the pegasus is probably the superior canoe but you deffinetely have to take the waiting list into consideration

#1 Mon, 08/30/2004 - 8:39pm

On the Kai Wa'a California web site they mention that the Pegasus is ideal for male paddlers under 210 lbs. Are you thinking that the Pahoa is set up for lighter male paddler too?

#2 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 1:42am

i think so... and again, i've never been on one.. and i think that the pegasus is ideal for paddlers under 170

#3 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 7:14am

Stop trying to suck-off Kai Waa. The person asked for info on the Pahoa and you pushed the pegasus. The Pahoa is just fine for small paddlers. If the Pegasus is so great why did T and Kea use the Polaris in the Solo. I realize these guys might be a little over 170, but they are definitely smaller paddlers. The Pahoa is the superior boat.

#4 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 3:35pm

Stop trying to suck-off Kai Waa.[/quote]
haha, at least it does generate discussion. Welcome to the forum Kalepo.

I've only heard good things about the Pahoa as well, although never tried one myself.

If we consider Thibert and Kea smaller paddlers, gosh I must be a mini paddler. :lol: But I agree, many people do still say the Polaris is the best all around. Maybe some people who do paddle the Pahoa will have some more comments for you ocean.

#5 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 4:15pm

i really really love the pegasus.. theres nothing in it for me to push it, i think its a great boat... theres a 9 month waiting list or something like that, so if i were buying a canoe right now i'd probably go for something else, something that i wouldn't miss half the season to get.. i should have said that before.. i take it back then, the pegasus maybe isn't the superior boat, i think that they are all so similiar it doesnt matter to much.. go try a pahoa, go try a pegasus.. try a hurricane and try a naia iki.. if you're looking for a small canoe. then if they are all equally comfortable to you, choose based on which gets to you the quickest... sorry for giving the impression that i'm trying to push the pegasus, believe me thats deffinetely not my intent... actually, forget all those canoes and go buy a waveblade, i truly think that that is the best canoe ever built, a nice 20 pound waveblade would kick any canoes ass on any (windy) day in the ocean.. including the pegasus.. ha nah.. i dont know what i'm talking about, i just like whichever canoe is popular at the moment

#6 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 4:17pm

i keep thinking about this and feeling bad for giving the impression that i was plugging the canoe.. i should not have brought up the pegasus in this post, i wrote it right after a long paddle and my first time on a pegasus all summer, so i was pretty stoked on the boat at the time.. who doesnt think that their canoe is the best? anyways, i apoligize for bringing up a different canoe in the post.. please someone who has some experience on the pahoa talk about it... and i'll shutup :)

#7 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 5:36pm

kea and thibert are not at all smaller paddlers i think they would probably man handle anything you give them. i've tried both the pegasus and pahoa and i actually think that the pahoa is great. i don't like the new ama on the pegasus so maybe thats why i lean more toward the pahoa.

#8 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 9:00pm

I have new Pahoa and have paddled it about 8 or 9 times in varying conditions and LOVE it. I am 220# and am a good OC-1 surfer, though I am awaiting a really good winter north swell to take it out in bigger surf. So far it has been a stable paddling platform that has allowed me to really hammer as well as to also finesse smaller bumps. The other issue is the consistent superior workmanship by the builder.

Keep it cool. :D

#9 Tue, 08/31/2004 - 10:22pm

The funny thing about this discussion is that the pahoa is being called a small boat and being put in the same catagory as the small ones when it is actually in the catagory of the polaris and stingray. It is 15" wide and all the small boats are 14" wide. If the pahoa was small then I don't think Rodney Romans would be buying it and ripping on it in the surf. He is a big guy. The small boats (14" width) are Vantage, Hurricane, Pegasus and Naia Iki. All other boats are medium to big.

#10 Wed, 09/01/2004 - 6:50am

I dont know anythnig about the Pohoa but..I find it interesting when you guys talk about the size of the canoe and paddler. On a good day the scales read 205 lbs for me and whenI went searching for a new ride this past spring it seemed to be an important question from many dealers. I've owned Stingray's for the past few years and in past postings I see that many guys feel that it is a big guys canoe. It was a good ride and other than the ama I didnt really mind it. I ended up purchasing a Kiamana from Kaku and really enjoy the ride. It is a great deal smaller than the Stingray, but I find it tracks great and seems to pick up and run on the slightests of bumps. I've been paddling with and against the same group of guys all year and thats where I measure the performance of the canoe. I havent lost any ground at all since I jumped into the smaller ride. As I mentined earlier, if there are any bumps I can actually pick up one position and maybe even challenge another.
I'm interested in why some of you guys feel that bigger guys should avoid some of the newer smaller rides.

the region I paddle in is Victoia, BC. Canada's west coast

#11 Wed, 09/01/2004 - 7:07am

I'm not sure, but think size is a relative matter :lol: As a 220# former football player, I am probably not considered a small frame kind of guy. I owned a Makia for 2 years, before going back to the same builder for a Pahoa. As I stated in my previous post about the Pahoa (which is the point of this thread), I feel that the Makia was and the Pahoa is a very stable paddling platform and both canoes have positive features, advantages and benefits as well as potential donwsides. The bottom line is to buy a boat you will paddle, it doesn't matter what general perception is if you don't paddle the canoe becaue you don't like it. Small kine Mana`o from Hawaii Island.

#12 Wed, 09/01/2004 - 10:04am

Buy what you want, I've seen people kick ass on naia's...if you are a good paddler you will be OK. Now all the boats are so similar anyway.

#13 Wed, 09/01/2004 - 4:45pm

oh, you go paddle a paddleboard jc9_0. But seriously, if a big 220 lb guy paddles a hurricane on a big 15-25 mph day, he will probably be pearling the nose of the boat and kind of burying the boat. Conversely, if a 150 lb guy paddles a big boat upwind or total flat water he will go slower than if he was on a hurricane or other small boat. There is a difference but the only way you really see it is to do your runs w/ the same guys a lot and then switch boats on the same type of runs. The best all-around boat is probably still the old school wave blade and that is why the polaris is so good because it is just a more comfortable wave blade. It's interesting that all these guys are selling their polaris to buy a pahoa which is the same thing that happened w/ the Kamau. Then, all of a sudden, everyone unloaded their Kamau like there was something wrong w/ it. Is everyone going to unload their pahoas in a year? Everybody wants that magic that maybe a new boat will bring. I liked the Kamau and the Pahoa is probably great too. I would really like to see if Karel will make a skinny version of the stingray which would probably be awesome. I am still super stoked w/ the vantage and I have had it for a year and a half. I couldn't see trading to another boat but maybe if someone I didn't expect blows by me on a good surfing run, I'll freak out and buy the next new best boat out on the market. It's all in fun anyway and the competitive spirit is what makes paddling so great.

#14 Thu, 09/02/2004 - 7:49am

Mahalo everybody for sharing your mana'o. As always, good reading....

#15 Fri, 09/03/2004 - 5:36pm

Hey now Brudda, no need to drag paddleboards through the mud. :lol: I just bought one cause I didnt have 3 grand to spend on a boat. If I had 3000, maybe I'd buy something fancy. But then I'm a crap ass paddler so all that money would be a waste. Maybe I should just buy an old Naia and take wait, even better, an old faded fiberglass HONU! That way I have an excuse for my crappiness. If I spent that much money I'd have to take myself seriously...and if there's one thing I can't do....HA!!! You know my mentality "brudda". I will never go to the dark side... :twisted:

#16 Fri, 09/03/2004 - 8:53pm

wow there guys nobody has to go to the darkside. haha i doesn't matter what you paddle as long as you have fun paddling it.

#17 Fri, 09/03/2004 - 9:13pm

[quote="hapakid2"]wow there guys nobody has to go to the darkside. haha i doesn't matter what you paddle as long as you have fun paddling it.[/quote]EXACTLY

#18 Sun, 09/05/2004 - 9:03pm

Both Tom and Kai emailed me regarding this post.

[quote="Tom Bartlett"]
Kalepo was a bit hot re Lukes comments on the Pegasus. Kai would suggest people try all the latest boats before buying and then buy what feels best to them - period! Not smart to buy a boat any other way. Certainly do not buy a boat because of what one person says. Buy it because it works for you!

Watch the competition this year and see what boats rock! Who moves up will be interesting to see. If Kai stays healthy my money, of course, will be on him.

[quote="Kai Bartlett"] Height and weight always vary. Kea and Thibert are shorter paddlers true but if you throw them on a scale they are heavy paddlers. Height doesn't matter with boat selection weight does. Where the heck did Kalepa graduate cause the common sense isn't registering. So thats why those two went with the Polaris and Dave Beck and I went with the Pegasus, we are 20lbs. lighter per person to Kea and Thibert and no one thought we would get second.

#19 Wed, 09/08/2004 - 8:14am

I agree with Uncle Tom. I was upset at luke's 'plug' for the Pegasus and wrote my response in haste. I also agree with Kai regarding the weight issue. I was trying to be overly argumentative. However, that being said, and risking getting in an argument with Kai--who is waaayyyy smarter than me, I don't think anyone was suprised when you guys came in second. Furthermore, I think when push comes to shove, even Kai would choose the polaris on a windy day in the channel. The conditions in the channel would determine the boat, not one's weight.

#20 Wed, 09/08/2004 - 9:11pm

so brudda... when are we going to do some runs again? you guys gotta call me when you go! I'm going to try and pick up a boat soon....

#21 Thu, 10/14/2004 - 8:40am

I think Karel is planning a new "smaller" boat as we speak. I think it's called the Fuse or something.

#22 Thu, 10/14/2004 - 10:38am

I emailed him a couple of days's a smaller man's version of the 'Fusion'...

He reckons it's coming to Oz to made as well - probably by Colin Bartley at Hammo

Won't suit my 235lbs though

#23 Thu, 10/14/2004 - 12:48pm

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