I am starting this cause i want to talk about the pegasus and i'm a little scared to post in the Pahoa thread... i want to defend my claim to it being the superior canoe, i'm not plugging the pegasus in any way other than that i am a very satisfied customer. In terms of craftsmanship i guaruntee that this canoe is equal to or better than anything out there, what other canoes can consistently come out under 20 pounds and be super solid other than the naia iki? My old kaiwaa waveblade has never had a repair and never taken on water, i have gotten so much life out of that thing, it's fallen off my truck, its fallen out of my hands into my garage floor, its survived many bad wipeouts while surfing.. In terms of performance, i love the pegasus, and everyone i know that has one loves it, has no regrets about it, and most importantly, is going faster than ever... one person in particular, we started off the summer almost dead even when he was on a hurricane, then he got a pegasus and slowly started to drop me, till now he finishes and i cant even see him. I can stay ahead of him (on a waveblade) in the choppier ocean, but when the sets start to line up, its all over. I'm betting that it wins the solo this year and next year... this year with a healthy Kai on it, and next year with a seventeen year old patrick dolan on it (he's 16 right now and kicking ass)... and after that something else will be out, maybe Outrigger Connections little canoe... anyway, the pegasus rides like a super modified hurricane, except that it can connect with ease and holds its speed better. In the flat it can hold its own with anything else. Thats all i have to say, and i'll welcome an argument and deffinetely welcome someone elses opinion that another canoe is superior... because we all have our opinions, and like keizo said, this forum is here to generate discussion.... so lets discuss, i want to hear why people might think its a great canoe and why they think its not such a great canoe...
just remember that there is no reason to get heated over a canoe... it is only a canoe

Submitted by luke on Wed, 09/08/2004 - 9:54pm

I'm sure Mr. Deese would agree with you. I however am still too cheap to buy any boat...let me know if you want to get rid of that wave blade. :lol: For now I'll just keep getting pasted by all you guys while I paddle by paddleboard. :D

#1 Wed, 09/08/2004 - 10:45pm

[color=#4080ff][/color] I will have to wait for my new canoe. I bought a kolea just so I could get into the one man experience. It is a dog when it comes to the open ocean, I have to really give it my all when I try and keep up. :x Well I ran hard aground off Kawiukai park on a hidden rusty pipe. Now I have to have repairs done. :oops: But boy I have been looking at all the new boats out. Some of my club members have Fusions, Pegasus, naia's, and hurricanes, choosing one is really hard. It would be great if the companys had trade in programs that way you could give your old boat up as collateral or down payment on a new one.. Hell it is going to be months before you get it.. BUT I have been impressed with the Pegasus, but man I don't know of any place to try them out. One day all the industry is going to have a demo day that would help everyone of us decided. I have been reading all the threads and you all have helped, but it is the wait that is going to be long especially if I get rid of the Kolea.. Mahalo All

#2 Thu, 09/09/2004 - 10:25am

usually the company you want to buy your boat from will have a demo on hand. you just have to ask i know kai wa'a had a pegasus demo out that everyone could use.

#3 Thu, 09/09/2004 - 4:36pm

I agree with luke that the wave blade is a very strong, reliable and light boat. I use wave blades on the flat and out in the ocean catching good size bumps. I been dumped by a 6ft wave while riding across the face of the wave and the boat got put over some rocks. I went over picked it up, had a look over it, got back and continued catch waves for another two hours. I would say they are one of the best!

#4 Thu, 09/09/2004 - 5:21pm

Kia ora guys,

I thought I'd put my 5 cents worth from a totally 3rd person perspective.

I'm a New Zealand paddler who has recently competed in your beautiful islands, and had the pleasure of paddling the Polaris, the Pegasus, and the Hurricane.

In terms of paddling technology, I found that these three OC1's were vastly superior to anything that we have here in New Zealand. The stability of each was solid in comparison to our more traditional looking OC1's, and it was also very easy to fly the ama while paddling, no matter if it was upwind, downwind or in side swell.

The waka are obviously much shorter in length in comparison to NZ models, which suits the local conditions in Hawai'i. However, taking that into consideration, I found the OC1 models that I paddled in Hawai'i to be awesome in the swells, and smooth in the flat water. I do believe that they could compete, if not be faster, than our own popular Surfrigger model, if I was to compare my own times over a certain distance while performing upon each model.

However, for myself, the most enjoyable ride I had out of the 3 mentioned above was the Polaris. It was fortunate that Andy Penny gave up his Polaris, which I understand to be one of the original prototype models, for us to use. Even with that in consideration, and the possible re-enhancements that may have been made since it's initial conception, the Polaris, to me, was the mack-daddy ride!!!

However, in saying this, the Pegasus was also the sweetest ride. Our own OC1 models tend to require a lot of physical exertion in terms of catching swells, however the Polaris and the Pegasus seemed to 'rise' to the occassion with ease.

The Hurricane was 3rd best for me but only due to the fact that it was rigged poorly, and I didn't want to muck around with how the owner had it set up. So my fun time on that one wasn't as fun as the other two.

The other thing is that the OC1's look so cool!!! If a person is willing to spend good money on an OC1, why not have a cool-looking one!

It would be totally awesome if these models could be made more easily available in NZ. The market for models like this in NZ would be high. OC1 paddling in NZ has grown tremendously over the last few years, and to have these models available would be the icing on the cake.

#5 Sun, 09/12/2004 - 12:57pm

Tried the Pegasus , I thought it was alright. To me, it felt pretty good in the small bumps and the flats. I love surf runs so personally I prefer my wave blade or someone's polaris... if they'll let me borrow it!
In my opinion, the pegasus is over-hyped. Sure, we all seen Kai SMASH everybody in those two Kanaka Ikaika races that he did, but that's Kai. He's a freaking animal, and in my opinion , the best OC-1 dude out there ( yes guys,even in the surf, but that's another discussion)! All I'm saying is what all you guy's already know. It's the Paddler that makes the boat, not the other way around. The pegasus works well, but so does alot of other boats. Everyone is looking for that one magical OC-1 that is perfect for all water conditons, and in my opinion, the pegasus is not it. But hey, that's just my opinion. I have my preferences , and you guy's have yours. It's just too bad we couldn't see Kai use the pegasus in the state race , I'm sure HE would have made it look like the ultimate surfing boat. For best all around , my vote goes to the wave blade and the polaris. Paddle COMFORTABLE, aloha.

#6 Mon, 09/13/2004 - 9:58pm

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