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I have paddled kayaks for years, and then tried surfskis. However, I felt that the OC-1 offered the best combo of speed and stability. After researching on the net, I have ordered a Seahorse from Futura. This is a sit-on-top, lightweight (double carbon) version of the Surfrigger.
I was disappointed to see the Surfrigger referred to as a "slug" on this forum. Was this in reference to its speed, or ability to handle surf? I know that with its 24 foot length and 13.5" beam, and very little rocker, that it is best in flat water. I am in the Chesapeake Bay area, and I will be paddling in flat or mild chop conditions (no surf here!) I read with interest Luke's defense of the Surfrigger. Does anyone out there own or have any experience with the Seahorse or Surfrigger? I hope I have made the right choice, as this was a very good deal on a flatwater OC-1. Thank you for any feedback!

Submitted by kayakneil on Fri, 11/19/2004 - 11:02am

Hey kayakneil, the Surfrigger is the most common OC1 where I paddle (NZ). I was one of those who mentioned that it could be sluggish but this was is in regard to handling in rough conditions, not speed.
Im sure others will agree that the Surfrigger performs well in flat to medium conditions and that if the Seahorse is that similar to the Surfrigger your choice to get one is fine, especially taking into account your areas conditions.

Hey double carbon sounds cool!, i've only seen fiberglass ones, post a photo when it arrives.

#1 Fri, 11/19/2004 - 3:08pm

I have a Futura Seahorse, double carbon I bought used from Vince @ Futura. It has been a great boat for me, I primarily paddle on Lake Tahoe in various conditions, flat to decent sized bumps. It works great in most conditions, especially in flat water, but I cannot compare it to anything else since I've only paddled this boat.

#2 Sat, 11/20/2004 - 8:31am

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