What about prerace meals?

What do you guys end up eating before races?

One year when I did OC-2 races, me and my partner would go buy cinnamini's from burger king before every race. Sometimes I like to eat crispy pancakes on Molokai. Lately though I've been going for really strong coffee, bagel, and a deuts.

Submitted by jc9_0 on Tue, 11/23/2004 - 5:28pm

I usually keep it small. Maybe a bagel or just toast. No real theory behind it, just trying to save cash for the damn entry fee! :lol:

#1 Tue, 11/23/2004 - 8:47pm

oatmeal is the best good carbs or cereal. eat a good portion to. 2 hours before the race. and do yoga its good haha.

#2 Tue, 11/23/2004 - 10:30pm

[b]What I like to do and this is from a pure OC-6 stand point, Oatmeal with honey (don't mean the girlfriend or SO or maybe I do.. HE HE :lol: I then commence to drink a huge amount of water, I go just before we race. Now of couse this is long distance, sprint depends when we race.

Aloha 8) [/b]

#3 Wed, 11/24/2004 - 5:28am

Egg whites. I eat like 6 egg whites and then some cereal with milk to make sure I have a pre-race poop. Then water and a power gel before the race.

**We all know how important that pre-race poop is...

#4 Wed, 11/24/2004 - 11:53am

Oh and no matter what you do NEVER make a $.99 Whopper your pre-race meal. Never again...

#5 Wed, 11/24/2004 - 11:54am

Which ever foods seems to work for you, is what you should keep having. I eat yams and oatmeal, and lots of water. I buy the cinnaminis too, but use them as projectiles to throw at the competition at the starting line. And whatever else you have, I definitely recommend the deuts. They are the best!

#6 Wed, 11/24/2004 - 12:03pm

hmmm I never know oatmeal was such a favorite. do you use instant or regular. Cause the maple and brown sugar is the best...maybe I'll just eat about three packs worth of that...

#7 Thu, 11/25/2004 - 8:17pm

Dammit jc9! I told you about the oatmeal last year! Just eat the stuff out the cardboard can! You don't need all that extra sugar - you're already a spaz! :shock:

#8 Thu, 11/25/2004 - 9:35pm

When my buddy and I came from Virginia for this year's Maui - Molokai relay, we stopped at the Napili Market and slammed a couple of Spam Musabis. That little treat did us right! All the food groups are represented and you cannot find that at a mainland 7-11.
Da kine grinds!!

#9 Sat, 11/27/2004 - 7:29am

instant oatmeal is bad for you. eat the one that comes in the cylinder shape with the old guy on it. if you want add a little sugar.

#10 Thu, 12/02/2004 - 4:17pm

[quote="hapakid2"]instant oatmeal is bad for you. eat the one that comes in the cylinder shape with the old guy on it. if you want add a little sugar.[/quote]

I always like to make it using water... but then I don't add enough so when I microwave it comes out all dry or clumpy. Then I add a little bit of soy milk over it.

Since we're on the topic, does anyone drink coffee specifically before racing?

#11 Thu, 12/02/2004 - 4:38pm

yeah... i've been wondering about the coffee thing.. i just decided to become addicted to coffee this week, and it's been doing great things for me. I finally don't sleep through class and i'll ocassionally ask a question or two, but the best thing is that i've been having really good workouts on my coffee days. i havent not eaten oatmeal in a long time before races, or once i had some cereal and almost had to drop out cause of crazy diahrea stomach cramps-- i think that the pre race food is more mental than anything, i know now that i'll never have stomach problems with oatmeal, so it gives me confidence to eat it

#12 Thu, 12/02/2004 - 5:33pm

I always drink a fat mug of Molokai Muleskinner (Bad Ass Coffe Co.) with some cream and cane. That plus a Myoplex for races of an hour to 1.5 in length and I feel great right to the end.

#13 Mon, 12/06/2004 - 5:12am

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