Polaris+Bixler+Kai wa'a set-up

What's the differance in pin position on the ama and the canoe. The rear of the ama has 3 positions (top, bottom, and middle) The Polaris has a 2 pin set-up both for the front and back iako. I know that it will make a differance in stability, but is there a negative-side putting too much angle in the ama that causes it to dig in and drag.

What will be a great set-up or some combinations that work for you?


"Eh Pull You Guys!"

Submitted by tango on Sun, 01/09/2005 - 11:18am

I have the Kai Waa Polaris with the "spaghetti" (sorry I am not sure of the real name) ama. I run the rear connection of the ama at the top position unless the wind is 30 - 40 knots and the swells at greater than 4m; then I'll put it in the middle. I like the ama really light.

As you know, mine does not have the front adjustment that you are talking about. I only have one connection. However, yours will tend to bite into the water a bit if you drop that front connection down.

It seems to me that more stability also causes more drag.

My favourite is to run the ama as close as possible to the hull and put the rear pin at the top position.

#1 Mon, 01/10/2005 - 8:29pm

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